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5 Reasons Why Dance Can Improve Your Happiness

Updated: May 16, 2021

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It isn’t hard to say that the world is intertwined with music; most people listen to music everyday of their lives. For some, you wake up and play music while getting ready, while commuting to work or school, making dinner, or just winding down from a long or stressful day. In retrospect, when listening to music, some people have this innate nature to dance. Picture this, you are listening to your favorite song “Single Ladies” by Beyonce while making dinner and you bust out in dance when the chorus hits (not going to lie I'm guilty of this every day of my life), and when you are dancing while cooking you feel instantly happy! But why is it when people dance they Instantly tend to feel happier? Here are 5 ways why dance can improve your happiness.

1. It gets you healthier.

It comes to no surprise that dance is a great form of exercise. It allows you to get into shape while sometimes not even knowing you are working out. While you are dancing, over time you feel like you are regaining some of your energy back (being able to walk up the stairs and not be out of breath is a bonus in my personal opinion!), an increase of your motor skills, improvement of your flexibility, as well as reduce your stress. Rather than going to the gym, you are going to dance practice and not only are you getting healthier, you’re also having fun while jamming out to your favourite song with friends.

2.Can help you get spiritually connected

Not only is dancing great for your physical health, it is also extremely beneficial to your mental health, and your overall spiritual health. Dance has this way only allowing yourself to get in that cardio time; but also allows you to literally let loose, have fun, jam out with your friends in your living room, in your car, or at your dance class. You connect your body with music and express yourself the way you want to through movement. When leaving a dance class you feel enriched with happiness and good memories.

3. Create friendships.

Nothing compares to having friendships that allow you to connect through dance. You get to interact with a new group of people connect on something that makes you feel good on the inside and out. At a dance class, everyone here is looking for the same things--dancing and having fun! While dancing you are connecting with other people who are interested in the same things you are. Dancing can help you release all that pressure off your shoulders, give you a little confidence boost to connect with people. The worst thing that can happen in dance class is you mess up the choreography, but it’s all good. You just laugh it off and give it another go! Everyone becomes your support system and you become theirs.

4. Unleash your inner artist.

Dance allows you to challenge yourself to express your emotions in a new environment, and although this might be daunting at first, you connect to your artistic roots. Whether you have always been super artistic growing up (aka you’re another Picasso), or you are just getting into it now, dance has a fantastic way of bringing out your inner artist and literally displaying it through your movement. The best feeling in the world is giving it all you’ve got and letting it out on the dance floor.

5. It boosts your self-confidence.

When you dance, you lose all inhibitions, you don’t have to be the best dancer in the world; all you have to do is put on some music, connect with it and just go for it. Effectively, dance frees yourself of overthinking or self-doubting. You become involved in learning choreography, getting the rhythm down, and ultimately having so much fun that you forget how nervous you were in the first place. You feel more self-assured with your dancing and you build on that confidence over time in dance classes. Beginner dance class in a place of understanding, and when you become consumed by good vibes you become happier, and enjoy the class.


Dancing is the best medicine and most effective way to put a smile on your face. If you are interested in starting your dancing journey because dance makes you happy, or you’ve been wanting to start dancing and you just didn’t know where to start, STU Arts Dance would be a perfect fit for you. Be sure to check out or Online Everybody Can Dance Classes here, and our Stepping workshops here. See you out there with a smile on your face.

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