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Created in 2017, STU Arts Dance is a conglomerate of Founder, Briana Ashley Stuart's experiences in performance, teaching, choreography and arts-related services and consultancy. Her extensive experience in movement and dance contributes to her interest in creating and executing movement based curriculums and performances to improve the world and the individual, solve problems and create strong connections within various communities. Most recently, her work in STU Arts was featured in the online Magazine I Love Brussels and podcast "Behind The Story" (See below)

STU Arts Director Briana

Briana Ashley Stuart Dance Brussels

International Dance Artist Briana Ashley Stuart is an American performer, teacher choreographer, and entrepreneur who currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, USA Briana Stuart (Top left) received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Michigan. After graduation, she performed and taught, nationally and internationally as independent artist as well as with StepAfrika!, the worlds first dance company dedicated to the art form of stepping, and contemporary dance company SJEwing & Dancers at numerous colleges/universities, festivals, showcases, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base as well as many others. In 2015, she served as the assistant choreographer on the American Theater’s Company’s production of The Project(s) in Chicago, IL, rated 4 stars by the Chicago Tribune. Between 2016 and 2017 she has received numerous choreographice commissions from Dance Place’s New Releases Showcase, Dance Ethos Dance Company, Joy of Motion’s Youth Dance Ensemble, the University of Michigan, and the 2016 March on Washington Film Festival in Washington, D.C. Currently owns and operates STU Arts Dance, and performs as a singer, dancer and actor in her independant projects as well as with  ZIKIT and 4Hoog Children's Theater. She is also an Artist-In-Residence at Citylab Pianofabriek, an arts incubator of emerging artists.

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Our Class Locations

Fred Academy
Fred Academy

Beautiful studio perfect for your private group and individual dance classes! Address: Rue de Revolution 18, 1000 Brussels.

Fred Academy
Fred Academy

Beautiful studio located in central Brussels close to the Madou & Botanique Metro stations. Address: Rue de Revolution 18, 1000 Brussels.

Jogo Vivo Health Club
Jogo Vivo Health Club

Spacious location conveniently located in Porte de Namur a few minutes walking from the metro station. Address: Rue d'Edimbourg 16, 1050 Brussels

Fred Academy
Fred Academy

Beautiful studio perfect for your private group and individual dance classes! Address: Rue de Revolution 18, 1000 Brussels.


In 2018, We opened our first set of classes at Fred Academy and in 2019 we expanded to Jogo Vivo Health Club.

Each location offers the perfect amenities for our students and is perfectly located in the Brussels Capital Region.

STU Arts Dance Intern: 

Nardine Guirguis

Hello, my name is Nardine Guirguis, but everyone calls me Nara for short. I Have recently joined the STU Arts Dance Family this past October and have been loving it.


Originally from Burlington Ontario, Canada, I have attended Linda Collins School of Dance, McCarthy School of Dance, as well as Carol Kitchens Dance Centre, where I was professionally trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary, as well as tap and hip hop. I have completed my Royal Conservatory of Dance from grades 1 through 8 of ballet, and in the summer of 2015, I completed my Teacher Association exam with the Royal Academy of Dance in Toronto Ontario. Throughout those years, I was also competing professionally with both Linda Collins School of Dance, as well as Carol Kitchen’s Dance Centre. Academically, I have recently graduated from Carleton University In Ottawa, On. Canada in June of 2019; holding a Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law and minor in Human rights and Social Justice. Currently I attend Brussels School of International Studies here in Brussels Belgium while currently studying International Law with a secondary specialization in human Rights law. Dancing, Choreographing, and to be able to create art and stories through dance has always brought me happiness and joy alongside a dance family within the studio. I only hope and dream I can bring others the same joy and happiness that I have learned growing up to them and their classes.


I look forward to learning and growing as an artist and individual through the privilege of working in STU Arts Dance, thank you! 


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If you have any questions or inquiries, please write us at Contact@stuartsdance.com and we will get back to you Shortly.