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Wedding Embrace

Wedding Choreography


  • Getting Married Soon and need help with your first dance? 

  • You have minimal to no experience in dance?

  • Not Really Sure How to start?

We provide one-on-one wedding dance lessons to create an engaging, comfortable and unforgettable first dance.  Designed for beginners, our approach focuses on providing basic steps in typical couples dances, learning how to move together, performance coaching, etc. 

Our goal is to provide tools and coaching to create a first dance that makes you feel confident on your wedding. Whether an intimate slow dance or a high energy dance to popular music, we offer personalized wedding choreography for your special day.

.  Learning to dance with your partner is like "couples teambuilding" and a fun and romantic way to spend time together. Dancing for the first time as a married couple will be one of the most extraordinary and unforgettable moments at your wedding. 

 Contact us to get started!

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