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Everyone Can Dance Adult Classes


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the class schedule?
    You can find the class schedule on our Weekly Adult Classes Page.
  • Where can I find class prices?
    You can find all information regarding Class Pricing here.
  • Do I have to book each class and workshop in advance ?
    Yes, you must book every class and workshop in advance using Bsport (the booking registration system) online or via the app. Payment will not be accepted at the studio.
  • Do I have to register for the entire season?
    No! Our classes and workshops (excluding our 4 week class series) are created for all students to drop in at anytime at any point throughout the semester. Every class is different so you never miss a thing if you can't be there every week. You can also purchase flexible class packages to fit your schedule and needs. Whether you travel for work, have a family or can only drop-in every now and then, you will find a pass that fits your schedule while getting the best deal.
  • How do I register for classes & workshops?
    All students must manage their own class registrations including booking and canceling classes via the bsport app.
  • Where can I find the class schedule?
    You can find our class schedule here.
  • Are free trial classes available?
    We offer free trial classes at the beginning of each semester in September and January. Otherwise, we recommend that new students book our first timers pass.
  • Do I need to already have dance experience to join a class or workshop?
    It depends. Be sure to check the level on our class schedule before you register.
  • What is the dress code for classes?
    All students should wear comfortable workout clothing that they can move in and ideally gym shoes and socks (notably for ballet). You may wear ballet slippers if you'd like to.
  • How do I know which dance level is for me?
    Absolute beginner classes are for those who have little to no dance experience and have difficulty with rhythm, coordination and memory. Beginner classes are for those who have taken a few classes before and have had at least 1 or 2 years of regular dance training . These dancers have a decent understanding of their body and body coordination and are working on their connection to music. Intermediate classes are for those who have at least 3/4 years of regular dance training and have a good understanding of how to move their bodies in complex ways and patterns and are able to connect with the music.
  • Do you choreograph wedding dances?
    Yes we choreograph first dances for weddings. Click here for more information then email us at with more information about your wedding so we can best assist you.
  • Do you need to have dance experience?
    Not at all! The choreography is catered to your needs and level.
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