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Everyone Can Dance Adult Classes


Everyone Can Dance is a program geared towards Adult Absolute Beginners who seek to learn different dance styles, step outside their comfort zone, improve their coordination and physical fitness and overall just HAVE FUN! We are an open and diverse community and safe space comprised of movers from over a dozen different nationalities and backgrounds who are seek to push their personal development through movement and dance. We believe the EVERYONE an enjoy movement as a means of expression, connecting and increased self-confidence. If you are seeking a safe space to move and be yourself, join us!

Adult Dance Classes Brussels English

All dance classes are PERFECT for those who have always wanted to learn how to dance and/or want to feel more comfortable moving.  Dance classes range from hip hop, jazz, ballet, and contemporary modern to more workshop style classes. Workshops will use movement activities for a particular purpose including improving social dancing and increasing confidence while moving. Each class will be for all skill levels and focus on individuals needs while building a strong community of movers. JOIN US as well explore different types of movement. After all, it's never too late to start dancing!

Weekly Adult Classes 

*There are no Weekly Dance Classes between January 2022 and June 2022.* Check out our workshops here.


--All Level Body Percussion Class-- 

Join as we make music with our bodies while learning the techniques and movements of stepping, an African-American form of body percussion that utilizes the body as an instrument to create intricate rhythms and sounds with ones’ hands, feet and voice. Steppers are both musicians and dancers that create strong and precise movements with contagious and energetic polyrhythms.

 -- Absolute Beginner/Beginner Everyone Can Dance Like....Dance Pop Classes--

Our themed classes range from Everyone Can Dance Ballet & Hip Hop to Everyone Can Dance like Beyonce or Michael Jackson and focus on exploring movement in a fun and engaging way through well-known dance styles and performers. The class will consist of a warm-up, stretching and a class specific movement combination for all levels that gets you confident and full of expression in your own body while connecting with others.

 -- Absolute Beginner/Beginner Everyone Can Dance Ballet--

Ballet is a classical dance form dating back to the 19th century Italian Renaissance, based on precision, control of the body and expression through movement! This is a beginner and all levels ballet class. Designed for first time ballerinas/ballerinos or for anyone wanting to get back into ballet. The class starts at the barre for warming up and technique, then moves to the center exercises. Finally, a small ballet combination-variation at the end of class. 

 -- Absolute Beginner/Beginner Everyone Can Contemporary Dance--

Contemporary Dance is a fusion of many styles including modern, lyrical, jazz, ballet and even hip hop inspired movements. Contemporary allows for the dancers to express movement in many ways and levels. This class open to everyone that wants to move! Starting with warm up, on the floor and across the floor exercises and then learning a contemporary combination. This class is a great way to explore the diverse world of contemporary dance! 

 -- Beginner Everyone Can Dance Hip Hop--

Hip Hop is an energetic and exciting dance style that has taken the world by storm on concert stages, television, and movies. However, many of the movements can often be complicated and even intimidating. For those who have always wanted to try it and those who love it, we will break down various hip hop movements and styles that makes it easy and exciting to learn. The class will consist of a warm-up, stretching and a tailored movement combination for all levels that gets you confident in your own body and connecting with others. Come meet new people, get in a good workout, and dance your heart out because EVERYONE CAN DANCE Hip Hop.


Adult Beginner Dance Classes Brussels

What Do Our Members Have To Say About ECD?

Laxmi, France

She brings energy, joy and the flame: with Briana, yes, everybody can dance! You try it, you become addicted!

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