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Unlimited Memberships

Dance is about practice, practice, and more practice. After you shake off the fear of your first dance class, each class gets easier and you notice your progress physically and mentally. At STU Arts Dance we encourage our students to always keep dancing and what better way than with an unlimited membership.

In-Studio ECD

Expert (249€)

Enjoy more classes, more convenience & more flexibility!

  • Enjoy 4 Months of Unlimited Adult Classes 

  • Over 50 Classes Available!!

  • One Monthly Family and Friend's Guest Pass

  • One Stepping Workshop

*Available as a one-time or recurring monthly payment.


In-Studio ECD Ambassador (599€)

Customize your dance Experience!

  • Enjoy 10 Months of Unlimited Adult Classes

  • Over 110 Classes Available!

  • One Stepping Workshop

  • One Monthly Family and Friend's Guest Pass

  • One Hip Hip Dance Series for Adult Beginners

*Available as a one-time or recurring monthly payment.




In-Studio ECD Visitor (15€)

Perfect for new students! 

  • Enjoy One Weekly Adult Dance Class

  • Valid Two Weeks After Purchase Date.

In-Studio ECD Member (65€)

More classes with less commitment!

  • Attend 5 weekly adult dance classes.

  • Only 13€ per class!

  • Valid for 3 months after purchase date.

In-Studio ECD Fellow (120€)

More classes with more flexibility!

  • Enjoy 10 Weekly Adult Classes

  • Only 12€ Per Class!

  • Valid for 4 months after purchase


New to the Party Free Trial Pass (0€)

Enjoy your first ECD Parties!

  • Valid for 2 weeks.

  • For new students only.

  • May only be used for the Everyone Can Dance at Parties Class.