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Everyone Can Dance Adult Classes



We are an open, diverse and international community and safe space comprised of movers from over a dozen different nationalities and backgrounds who are seek to push their personal development through movement and dance.

Our weekly adult classes and workshops are offered under our Everyone Can Dance program geared towards Adult Absolute Beginners, beginners and advanced beginners who seek to learn different dance styles, step outside their comfort zone, improve their coordination and physical fitness and overall just HAVE FUN!


We believe the EVERYONE an enjoy movement as a means of expression, connecting and increased self-confidence. If you are seeking a safe space to move and be yourself, join us!

Adult Dance Classes Brussels English

In our weekly dance classes:


*You don't need any prior dance experience.

*You can drop in at anytime.

*Every class is different so you never miss a thing if you can't be there every week.

*You can purchase flexible class packages to fit your schedule and needs.

* Everyone is welcome!

Weekly Dance Classes
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Adult Dance Workshops

Saturday Workshops 

Our Saturday Workshops are perfect for those looking to dance more, learn more choreography, learn different style of dance, dive deeper into a particular style and focus more on their dance training. Workshops are taught my ECD teachers and guest teachers to provide well-rounded and diverse experiences with a variety of professional dance artists.  Scroll through our upcoming workshops below:


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