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Everyone Can Dance ONLINE Adult Classes

Due to the recent lockdown due to the Coronavirus, Everyone Can Dance is now ONLINE! This program is geared towards Adult Beginners who seek to step outside their comfort zone, improve their coordination and physical fitness and overall just HAVE FUN! We believe the EVERYONE an enjoy movement as a means of expression, connecting and increased self-confidence.  Below you will find the listing of our Online Everyone Can Dance Classes for beginners. Any previously purchased Adult Dance Class Passes are suspended until we are back in the studio.  

Feel free to share our classes with your friends, family and colleagues. All dance classes are PERFECT for those who have always wanted to learn how to dance and/or want to feel more comfortable moving. Let's take this time to get to know ourselves and our bodies again!  After all, it's never too late to start dancing!

We appreciate your support in these challenging times! We hope you are staying healthy. See you online!

June Schedule 

--Everyone Can Dance Like....Dance Pop Repertory Series

 Sundays from 11h00 to 12h15 

12€ per class

Level: Absolute Beginner/Beginner

Our themed classes range from Everyone Can Dance Ballet & Hip Hop to Everyone Can Dance like Beyonce or Michael Jackson and focus on exploring movement in a fun and engaging way through well-known dance styles and performers. Learn an entire dance over the course of 4 weeks to reduce stress, have fun and meet new people! The class will consist of a warm-up, stretching and a class specific movement combination for all levels that gets you confident and full of expression in your own body while connecting with others. 

--Everyone Can Dance Hip Hop

Thursdays from 19h00-20h00

10€ per class

Level: Absolute Beginner/Beginner

Hip Hop is an energetic and exciting dance style that has taken the world by storm on concert stages, television, and movies. However, many of the movements can often be complicated and even intimidating. For those who have always wanted to try it and those who love it, we will break down various hip hop movements and styles that makes it easy and exciting to learn. The class will consist of a warm-up, stretching and a tailored movement combination for all levels that gets you confident in your own body and connecting with others. Come meet new people, get in a good workout, and dance your heart out because EVERYONE CAN DANCE Hip Hop.

-Creative and Dynamic Stretching

Thursdays from 20h00-21h00

10€ per class

Level: All Level

Stuck at a desk all day and feeling stiff with tons of muscle tension? Or feeling like an easygoing and relaxing class? Then join us for Creative and Dynamic Stretching! Based on movements and poses in yoga and contemporary dance, this class focuses on the soft elongation of muscles and joints to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and clear any mental or physical tension. Through creative exercises, we will lightly warm-up and stretch the body, increase our body awareness and leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on anything!

How To Online Dance Classes:


Pre-registration (linked above) is now required for online classes.  Must register at least 24 HOURS before the class start time. 


Fitness gear and gym shoes.

Online Lesson Etiquette:

Lesson environment is very important. Please find an open space that is open without any chairs, tables, or structural pillars if possible, as well as no disturbances as far as sound and people.

You have the option to hide your video at any time. Zoom may ask you to approve being recorded, but if your video is off no one will see you.

It’s important that you stay muted so that other participants can listen to the teacher without interruption unless asking a question at an appropriate time.


Video Platform:

We will be using video platform Zoom for all the lessons.This site works well on all devices and must be dowloaded to enter the room. Please do this at least 15 minutes before the class starts.

Please close all the other browsers on your computer such as Facebook, Instagram, internet, etc. Please keep your computer plugged into a power source; the connection is much better.

These classes are available as live streams only, not as recorded video.  Please let us know in advance if you are working with any injuries, pregnancy, medical conditions and what you would like to achieve through classes. We really enjoy getting to know our virtual students.



Invite other friends, family and colleagues to join us! Maybe you have an aunt across town or a sister or brother in another country. Let's get everyone dancing!

You can always contact us here for any questions or comments. See you soon!

What Do Our Members Have To Say About ECD?

Jessica, USA

The [Everyone Can Dance Online] class is great fun! FYI - I have dance in my heart & 2 left feet, but I still worked up a good sweat, learned some new moves & got into the groove!  If it wasn’t for the class, I’d be a slug still in my PJs! You brought happiness & ENERGY into my living room, & that happiness carried me through the rest of the day. I even cleaned house afterwards! Thank you!


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