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We offer a variety of dance classes including:

  • Group Dance Lessons for Adults and Children

  • Private Dance Lessons

  • Teambuilding Workshops for Businesses

  • Stepping Workshops

  • Specialized Workshops.... And More!



We offer engaging and high energy performances for special events that are perfect for small businesses, arts organizations and corporations. Contact us for more information.

Kalila Hermant,
International Performer & Teaching Artist

When we welcome new artists to Belgium, we keep our citizens up to date on the latest international dance techniques, movements and ideas. This allows them to be competitive in knowledge and training with other dancers and citizens in Europe and worldwide.

STU Arts Dance

Office: Avenue de la Chasse 6,

1040 Brussels.

Contact: +32 487 75 45 26 

STU Arts Dance: 

Moving Belgium's communities to See. Think. Understand. the Art of Dance

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