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How to take care of your body to dance better

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Hello hellooo! Welcome back to another STU Arts Dance blog! If you are new here welcome, it’s so good to have you here; if you are familiar with STU Arts dance or the blogs I hope that you are well :) !! If you are interested in learning how to dance one thing I would like to emphasize is that taking care of your body plays a big role. Your body is the most important tool as a dancer and it is important to be able to feel good in order to dance good ! Here are some tips to keep your body feeling great for your next dance class.

1. Follow a healthy diet

Feeling good on the inside is just as important to feel great on the outside. Healthy diet (while not the be all end all to dance), it does play a massive role in the way you can function. Following a healthy diet will get you having more energy, focusing in class and help your memory. Don’t forget, make sure to have your meals at least 1-2 hours before you start your dance class. Also, eating healthy does not have to deprive you of some of your favourite meals. You can eat a salad to stay healthy but also eat a burger to stay sane haha.

2. Incorporate warm up before you go to class

Many dance classes start off with a classic warm up. Often times your dance teacher will get you to follow along a basic routine to get your heart rate up, your core engaged and your legs ready to dance. Incorporating your own warm up such as stretching, jumping jacks, running in place or even grooving to your favourite song on your own will definitely get you pumped and ready to go for your class! Just like a warm up, make sure to cool down your body after you dance. stretch out your back, your legs and level your breathing at the end of each session.

3. Strength training

Strength training can help you develop muscle strength, which can help you get more controlled over your movements. While often times strength training involves lifting weights you don’t have to lift in order to gain strength. You can focus on conditioning such as abs, body weight training Pilates, rock climbing, swimming and so many more fun options.

4. Give your body a dance break

While pushing to learn is a great initiative to take. One thing I would like to preface is please take a break if you need one or even just want one. You know your body best and when you need a break your body will give you clear signs that it needs some rest. Don’t be afraid to listen to your body and your health; you do not want to risk injury or make something worse! Take some time to let yourself rest and gain some energy so you can get back to doing what you love.

5. Give your mind a dance break

Just like the physical aspect of it, give your mind a break. While your body might be able to dance sometimes you mind is telling you please take a break. It is okay in order to have a moment to yourself. Whether you need to take a day, a week or even a few months, taking your time to take a break is an essential point of your dance journey. I also want to say that taking a break is okay, having a moment to yourself is okay, you are okay if you need to have a minute. Taking care of yourself is so important, dance will always be there for you when you come back :)

If you read this full post through, first off thank you :)), but more importantly I hope you connected with it in any way shape or form. Dance is an experience of joy, a form of expression and made to make you feel better about yourself. There is a reason why you started dancing. It might be to feel more confident, to express yourself creatively or to just have fun. Taking care of your body is a great form of self-care, and dancing is a great escape and form of self-care. I want to let you know that you are fully capable of learning how to dance, and that it is for everyone. If you would like to learn with us, check out what we have to offer here, and how to get registered here. We hope to see you dancing with us soon :))

Much Love,

The STU Arts Dance Team.


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