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5 reasons why you should practice after your dance class

Updated: May 8, 2022

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Hello hello! And welcome back to another STU Arts Dance blog. We are pleased to have you here! If you have stumbled across this blog, then you are wondering why practicing dance after your class is worth it! If you are new to the dance scene, or have been part of the dance scene for a while you might be surprised by the amount of benefits that it holds! So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should continue to practice after your dance class!!


1. Muscle memory

Hear me out, muscle memory is a real thing! You most likely already have it right now. When you are on your daily routine to work, getting your groceries, or even walking your dog; Muscle memory is always with us. With dance, having muscle memory will help you recall certain moves that you would be using when learning new routines! In one routine you might be learning a difficult move, with practicing outside of your class , the next time you use that move you’d be a pro!

2. Work on your moves

Like the one above, working on your moves is a great way to improve them. We all know and love the classic saying “practice makes perfect”, and it is true! My dance teacher used to always tell us practice until you cannot make mistakes! The more you practice the better you will be able to perfect those moves.

Pro tip: when you get home from your dance class, put on the song that was played and do the routine over by yourself, you will not only test your moves, but also your memory!

3. Work on musicality

Musicality can be difficult to learn when you are first starting out your dancing journey. However, the good thing is musicality can be taught. When in a class, often times your teacher will be walking you through how to count out the music, once you have that down they will be showing you the moves. You can practice being able to count in each song and over time you will be able to get your musicality down!

Pro tip: If you would like to learn how to count music, do so when you are walking and listening to music. Walk on beat, and slowly yet surely start counting. This will help you to get a hang of counting!

4. You time

If there is one thing that I will always advocate for, it is having some much needed “you” time. Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and taking your time to be able to connect with yourself, do something you love, and thoroughly enjoy the time you have to yourself you will be able to grow! I recommend practicing as often as you can or want. Whether it is once a week or every other day, this time is for you and you only!

5. Practicing with friends

If you would like to practice outside of the studio, why not do so with friends! Whether they are friends from your dance class or not, practicing with your loved ones is a great way to work on your moves, but also share some fun memories with your friends/ family! A fun and great way to practice is by hosting a dance night with your friends where you can go over the dance routine alongside some food and drinks! Not only will you be practicing outside of the studio, you’d be having a blast!!

And there you have it friends! 5 reasons why you should continue to practice outside of your dance class! While these are only 5 benefits that are listed here, there is so much that dance can offer you outside of the studio. If you are interested in starting your dancing journey, be sure to do so with STU Arts Dance! We’re pretty cool I promise :)) to learn more about our upcoming workshops, check us out here, and how to get registered here! We hope to see you out there soon jamming with us to our favourite songs!

If you have any additional ideas on how to practice outside of dance, comment down below!!


The STU Arts Dance Team!

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