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Everyone Can 
Jazz Dance


Dive into the world of Jazz in this 2 Hour Workshop!

Jazz is a high energy dance form that focuses on rhythm and freedom through spontaneous, sensual, and dramatic movements. In addition dancers improve their precision, body control and movement expression! This is a beginner jazz class designed for first time jazz dancers or for anyone wanting to get back into jazz.


The class starts with a typical jazz warm up and technique, across the floor and then moves to the center for a high energy combo. This workshop is perfect for people that want to improve their posture, core strength, coordination, body awareness, confidence, or just want to express themselves .


And this class is perfect for absolute beginners and beginners. Or just people who are curious about jazz and have always wanted to try it. *NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.*


Come try something new and meet new people because trust me EVERYONE CAN Jazz Dance. And There’s no other place to try it than with us at ECD.


How to Book Online :

1. Click "Register Now" Below.

2. Search for July 23rd and click on Everyone Can Dance Ballet Workshop.

3. Follow the instructions to sign up!

When: Sunday July 23, 2022 from 4:00pm-6:00pm

Where:   Studio Empain, Rue de la Presse 9,  1000 Bruxelles

Cost: ONLY 35€!!!

Duo Workshop package available! Only 60€ for the Hip Hop and Jazz workshop!

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