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5 at home workouts to help with your dancing

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Welcome to another STU Arts Dance blog! If you are new around here, you have been wanting to learn how to dance. Learning how to dance can definitely be a journey, but with the help of your teachers, an amazing support system and setting your dance goals, it can be achieved! Dancing everyday definitely helps when learning, but did you know that working out can be beneficial for learning how to dance? Keep reading to learn some simple moves to get you going on.


1. Sit ups

Did you know that your core is everything when it comes to dance? Oftentimes you might hear your instructor say “engage your core” or “be sure to use your core”. Your core literally is the centre of everything, and what better way to get you centred than by sit ups. Sit ups hold many benefits, but the main one being it helps you balance when you need it most. (and that is pretty much all the time when you are dancing!) So next time when you are about to practice (either at home or in the studio) take 10 minutes to warm up and get some sit ups in, your core and body engagement will thank you later!

2. Lunges

Like your core, your lower half of your body is important. If you are learning how to dance Hip hop, or tap for example, you often use your legs to get you around. If you are dancing hip hop, you're definitely going to hear your instructor say “get low” or “be sure to be in a plié”. One of the best ways to engage your legs (and not feel like they are burning all the time) is by doing some lunges. Lunges help you gain muscle in your legs and get you feeling like you are not going to die from staying in a plié the whole time.

3. Burpees

Okay, I know what we are all thinking “burpees are the absolute worst!” and while you are not wrong, hear me out! Burpees are a pain, yes, however, they are one of the best cardio exercises out there! They get your heart pumping, they engage your core, your legs and arms all at once. You can gain so much stamina from doing burpees alone and they will get you quick on your feet when dancing! While they are annoying, yes, make sure to work your way up with burpees, it can be grueling, but 100% worth it in the long run!

4. Squats

Now I may be biased here, but I love squats! Not only are they great at engaging your lower half, they are a great way to also engage your back (especially your lower back!) It might not seem obvious, but your back plays a huge role in your dancing. If you hurt your back, even a little bit, you know you cannot move even in the slightest! Doing squats will help build muscle and get you strong for when you need to do some pretty intense moves while dancing! Next time you are warming up, do a couple of squats to get you going!

5. Stretching

I saved the most important for last! Stretching is the best thing you can do to help you learn how to dance! You do not have to be <cirque du soleil> level flexible but stretching out your back, shoulders, core and legs is so important for your dancing. The worst feeling ever is when you are dancing and you end up pulling something. To avoid any and all injuries, stretch. If you are new to stretching, try looking up some stretches videos on YouTube. They are a great help but please listen to your body when you feel like something is wrong. Remember there is a good pain and a bad pain and you know your body best—listen to it!

And there you have it folks! Some at home workouts to help you and your dancing. As mentioned before, learning how to dance is a journey, and one that takes time. You can do little things outside of the studio to help continue your learning! If you would like to learn how to dance with us, we are hosting new workshops every month! To learn more, check us out here, and how to get registered here! See you out there!!


The STU Arts Dance Team


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