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Top 5 Benefits of Private Dance Lessons

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Private Dance Lessons Brussels

Sometimes in can be rather intimidating to take group lessons or it can be difficult to attend a group class because of work, family, kids and so on. Private dance lessons however are perfect way to ease into dance classes, especially if you are starting classes for the first time or getting back into it. Unsure if private lessons are for you? Check out our list of the top 5 benefits of taking private dance lessons.

1. One-on-One Attention

In a private lesson all the focus is on you! There aren't any other students to distract the teachers attention, instead the teacher can give you all of their energy and focus. This specialized attention allows your teacher to create a lesson specifically to fit your needs, wants and goals within your lesson. This means more corrections and feedback that is beneficial to your progress and accomplishing your goals.

2. Fits your schedule

Many group classes, especially in dance are typically scheduled at the end of a long work day and sometimes go until pretty late at night. So, it can be really tough to take a class with kids to care for, dinner to cook, getting enough sleep, etc. But what if you planned a private lesson during your lunch break? Or an hour after work before your kid's finish their after school activities? With private lessons you decide the best time for your schedule, and even if there's just one hour free you can start moving in no time!

3. Set your own pace

Group classes are led by teachers who have their own particular pace for running the class. Maybe the warm-up is really short with a long dance combo or the warm-up is longer with a focus on a shorter movement combo. Oftentimes the pace of class determines how comfortable you feel and how much you can learn within the allotted class time. In private lessons however, you can set the tone and pace of the class. Just let your instructor know your preferences and you can work together to make a lesson that you feel is beneficial for you while pushing towards your goals.

4. Just for you!

Everyone has a different set of goals, learning styles, and simply things our bodies' can or cannot do. In a private lesson you can request movements, exercises or combinations that fit you and what you would like to accomplish. Maybe you want to improve your flexibility or work on your sense of music and rhythm? A private teacher can cater the lesson to be you-focused to give you everything you would need out of a your ideal dance lesson.

5. Faster Progress

You will find that after working with a private dance teacher you will progress rather quickly, even with just one lesson per week. You are receiving continuous feedback, and non-stop corrections that push your body and mind. As a result, you will improve at a faster pace. So whether its becoming comfortable moving, learning a new dance style, or getting good workout in, consistent weekly private lessons will help you achieve your goals faster than group lessons.

If any of the benefits above resonated with you, we would definitely suggest giving it a try and seeing if it's the best thing for you. You never know until you try!


Interested in taking private dance lessons? Check out more about our private dance lessons for individuals, groups, either online or offline here.

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