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Private Dance Classes

Private Dance Lessons Brussels English

Private lessons allow clients to work 1-on-1 with an instructor in a particular subject. They are conveniently scheduled to fit client schedules, customized to focus on areas of improvement, and allow clients to progress at their own pace.  Everyone has different goals, body types and learning styles, thus each lesson is tailored to each specific client to achieve maximum results to reach their movement goals.

“ [These lessons were] just what I've needed. [The instructor] took me into new areas to challenge me just as I need, to grow and develop, and become more confident as a dancer. Thank you!” -David  

Our Instructor’s Experience:

Wit over a decade of teaching experience working with all ages and experience levels in a variety of styles including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, and stepping. In addition, we provide movement lessons that focus on fitness, increasing confidence, improving stage presence, social dancing, team building, etc. Our instructor's use of dance vocabulary and physical demonstrations allows them to teach the material accurately and effectively and we strive to have a positive attitude with constant words of encouragement keep students motivated and engaged in the lesson.


Teaching Philosophy:

We hope to make dance and movement relevant to the every person. Through movement, every person no matter their age, body shape, or experience can overcome their fears and discover something new about themselves. Dancing, specifically, has positive benefits on the mind, body and spirit that increase one’s sense of self-care and overall relationship with others.  Within our classes, students freely express themselves, gain new knowledge and experiences and develop their technique, creativity, individuality and showmanship. Our goal is to have each client leave every lesson a better dancer, performer and person.

All Private Sessions Include/Cover:

  • 1-on-1 lesson including a warm-up, body conditioning, stretching, & cool down

  • Recordings of Movement Material

  • Music Playlist Listing

  • Copy of the Teacher Lesson Plans

  • Written Log of Corrections and Improvements​​

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Private Dane Choreo Lessons Brussels English

Private Group Dance  Classes

Private Group Dance Classes Brussels

Private Group Dance Classes are the perfect activities to add energy and fun to any event. We offer private group classes for any occasion including bachelorette , birthday, and gong away parties. 

We offer private group classes in hip hop, ballet, jazz, stepping, salsa and more! Contact us for more info!

Private Dance Lessons Brussels Ballet
Ebonee, Private Dance Student

“Briana is an excellent teacher, patient, and knowledgeable. I've progressed faster than I would have if I had only taken group classes. Briana's teaching style is fun and inspiring. She takes the time to discover where you are in your dance training and tailors the lessons to your goals while maintaining authority as a professional. I recommend Briana for any adult dancers who want to improve their technique and want focused, individual training.”  

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