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Hello STU Arts Dance Friends, Dancers, and Supporters!

I hope you all have been well! About a year and a half ago, I decided to end our weekly dance classes and focus solely on my work as a performer and choreographer. This shift came at a time where I needed to step back and understand myself not just as a creator on stage and in the studio but also a creator of my ideas. In the midst of understanding my why behind being a dancer, missing our magical moments in the studio receiving tons of messages from you all, I now better understand how and why STU Arts Dance is needed in Brussels and beyond.

We are here to empower and support you all’s dance journeys and bring dance into as many spaces as possible



STU Arts Dance (pronounced S-T-U Arts Dance) has a new look and feel with the same feel good energy and vibes that we all know and love in addition to two new teachers on our team. We are now offering:

Our programming promotes dance as a tool to develop personally and professionally, and to make each moment of our lives, whether big or small, unforgettable and I hope you will join us!

See you all in the studio!


STU Arts Dance Founder/Creative Director

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