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How Dance Can Improve Team Building

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

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One way you probably never thought about getting everyone to work together and improve teambuilding is through dance. You’re probably thinking, “Nah, that’s not a real thing. How does dance improve team building?”  Well for starters, dance stimulates the imagination, boosts creativity, and improves communication skills. Actually the overall physical, social and emotional well-being of an individual and group increases after a positive experience in a dance class.  Through movement, people are able to learn more about themselves, and their surroundings and develop stronger professional relationships. In a team as well as a dance class, each and every person is a valuable contributor to the group. With that being said, here are five ways why dance improves team building.


Being social is one of the critical skills necessary when working with others. Within the workplace, often people don’t communicate with their colleagues either from the fear of not being listened to, or just the preference of working alone. However, dance is rich with opportunities to encourage interactive environments where colleagues can share their thoughts, space, and movement together. It lifts the bridge of awkwardness and introduces laughter, giggles, and a time to let your guard down and have fun with those you work with. With each individual moving their own way, others will gradually learn to observe and respond differently to one another.


Movement is not only a fun and interactive way of working with your colleagues but also a healthy alternative to other team building activities. Instead of sitting and listening to how to build teamwork, employees experience it firsthand. The immersive and energetic experience of a dance class removes all inhibitions and pushes your team to connect with one another while being healthy and having fun. The release of endorphins - a chemical within the brain during physical activity- causes an overwhelming positive feeling that increases the energy and camaraderie amongst a group.  Such an experience is unforgettable and creates happy and healthy memories that will last a lifetime. 


Body awareness is an essential way of becoming aware of one’s feelings. It helps us determine whether someone is frustrated, happy or ready to let go of some steam.  When body awareness is presented in the workforce, it allows us to understand whether someone is comfortable or not. A prime example of this would be crossing your arms. When someone has their arms crossed, it means they are closed off and/or uncomfortable. To be able to read one’s body language will help us communicate with others when words fail. For instance, when learning isolation movements in class, it can help us identify who feels closed off or who is open to working with others. Dance can help those learn about body awareness and be able to get others to step out of their comfort zones and communicate with others. 


Increases self- esteem can be a great benefit from incorporating movement into any team building exercise because it builds trust and confidence amongst people. When doing something we think we might not be able to do and then prove to ourselves that we can do it, it helps increase our confidence and motivation inachieving our goals.. Think of it this way, when entering into a dance class for the first time, you are probably going to be overwhelmed, unsure you can do the moves, or even scared your colleagues will laugh; but when you prove to yourself that you can you will gain a new found confidence in yourself. Eventually your colleagues will see this and want to express their confidence with you as well. 


We live in a time where people are stuck in a constant loop or routine of just surviving that day. Sometimes people want more than just working and are seeking to find more meaning in their lives. One significant thing we can teach ourselves is how to find meaning and exhilaration in the activities that will grow with us. Incorporating dance into our lives will help us be more aware of ourselves, our feelings, surroundings, as well as being conscience to others and their thoughts and feelings. When we find happiness in our lives, whether that’s every Saturday’s movement class or not, it helps us to be able to find purpose outside of just living. It allows us to create an opportunity for ourselves, to interact with others, and release a great form of energy that others can feed off of. 


Intrigued by the idea of using dance and movement for team building? Feel free to email us with any questions or learn more about our offerings and specialized teambuilding workshops here. See you on the dance floor!

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