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Everyone Can Dance Member Spotlight Interview

Updated: May 16, 2021

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium

Welcome back to another Everyone Can Dance Member showcase Interview blog where we interview one of our members to let you get the inside scoop of STU Arts Dance! The STU Arts Dance team interviewed one of our long term members Kim Anh Nguyen and asked him why he joined STU Arts Dance, without anything further let’s get to know Kim and his STU Arts Dance journey!

Joining back in August of 2018, Kim initially joined the Everybody Can Dance parties class, but the reason he stuck around was because of Briana’s eclectic energy! He explains that “going once a week didn’t cut it anymore,” so he shifted from only one class on Sundays to Thursdays as well. Kim has since joined us almost every week and has been a staple member in our Thursday Hip Hop classes bringing his energy and sick moves to each and every class! While joining a dance class can be overwhelming and sometimes will leave you feeling confused, trust me when i tell you it can be totally worth it! While everyone’s reason to join a dance class may differ, for Kim it was about improvement. He mentions that over time “my improvising skills got better and better. I also got used to dancing in front of other people, and don’t have as much ‘stage fright’.”

One way that reminded him of this was with a sweet memory with the ECD Community; he explains that one night they were “going out [dancing], and we started doing an easy and repeatable group choreography that we learned in class. Everyone on the dance-floor started circling our group to cheer us, clap for us. Then, more and more people understood the routine and started joining in. It felt like a movie scene that I’ll never forget!” Wow! What a cool moment, and having the perfect dance moves to jam to must have been a blast! Going out with friends and feeling confident in your dancing creates the best memories for years to come.

Having a “movie moment” like Kim’s can be one of the most amazing things you can experience once you get the hang of dancing, however don’t feel discouraged if you won’t get that feeling immediately. While overcoming your fear of dancing can be scary, Kim’s way of overcoming just might be the key for you! If there is one thing to emphasize it’s to know that classes are aimed at all levels. As Kim explains it, “the most difficult part is to register, the rest will only come naturally. To whomever is reading this; you have it within you! It’s a great class where progress comes very quickly. You won’t need much more arguments to be convinced by your own skills and come back!” For Kim starting dancing was an initial way to overcome self-confidence, “now that this initial barrier was broken, I see it now as a fun workout with fun peeps.” While it can be overwhelming at first, for Kim it was all worth it, you will have fun, improve your skills and create the best memories.

There is so much more a dance class can offer than just learning a routine, getting a sweat in, or jamming out to your favourite songs, but rather creating a community along the way. Making friends who are sharing the same journey you are and confined in people who can relate to your struggles with this journey. Building a community such as the one at STU Arts Dance can help you keep going. For Kim, since joining STU Arts Dance, the community has allowed him to create “great friendships, and [have] goofy party tricks to impress [my] non-dancing friends. The extra self-confidence is a bonus ☺” While you may be joining a class to improve your skills, get a good workout in, or just want to relieve some extra stress from work or life, there is so much to gain from STU Arts Dance such as a great community, new memories and of course some sick moves, the opportunities are endless! Plus having the absolute best songs to both sing and dance too are a great way to boost energy.

But what happens when you don’t know where to start? Don’t fret friend, Kim has got you covered! Although starting off can be tough, with the right recommendation you will be able to determine what class works for you. If you want to get used to moving and grooving then Kim’s recommendation is the ECD like <<musical artist>> series on Sunday mornings. As Kim explains it, “after the warm-up, we do an “across the floor”, [where we] practice a series of small moves before switching to a group routine. After class we always go for brunches so you get to know your fellow crew-mates!” For Kim the Sunday classes allow you to get comfortable with different movements and the Everybody Can Dance musical artist class you get to learn some of your favourite artists moves and jam out to their most iconic songs along the way. After an amazing class we all get brunch together, catch up with some friends and make new friends from class!

While starting your dancing journey can be tough our amazing ECD member Kim explains that it is totally worth giving it a go! At STU Arts Dance we strongly believe that anyone and everyone can dance and with the right community not only will you be improving your skills, but build friendships along the way. to learn more about joining us, check out our website here to learn more! Hope to see you out there soon!

Special thanks to our amazing ECD member Kim Anh Nguyen.

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