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ECD Member Showcase with Maria

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ECD Member Showcase Blog with Maria.

Hello friends! Welcome back to another STU Arts Member Showcase blog! If you are new to STU Arts Dance and the blog, OUR ECD member Showcase blog is dedicated to allowing members like yourselves to speak with new dancers directly on why they started their dance journey with STU Arts Dance! Today we have interviewed one of our loveliest members Maria and learned more about why she joined STU Arts Dance. Stick around to learn more about how to get started with us! Let’s go!


1. Starting off simply How did you find STU Arts Dance and can you give us an example of what convinced you to join?

“I found STU Arts Dance through Google. I was looking for dance classes for adult beginners. Unfortunately there are not many dance classes for that category, so I was very thankful when I saw that STU Arts Dance offered exactly that. What really encouraged me to sign up for these classes was a blog titled “Answering Dance Questions You are Too Afraid to Ask.” I felt it addressed a lot of my fears as a beginner dancer.”

2. How do you feel STU Arts has Impacted you outside of the Studio?

“Since I started taking dance classes at STU Arts Dance, I have seen a significant improvement in my confidence inside and outside of the studio.” If you are interested in improving your personal confidence, dance is a great opportunity to build it up! Confidence built through dance can translate to many aspects of your life such as your professional life, personal life and greatly benefits your mental and physical health!

3. STU Arts Dance’s goal is to let people know that Everyone Can Dance. What is one thing you would say to someone to help them overcome their fear of learning how to dance?

“[I would say] It is okay to feel scared of something you have never done before. BUT do not let that fear stop you from experiencing something amazing. We are all beginners in this journey and we are all there to learn while having a great time together!” We are all here to have fun at the end of the day, trying something new can be daunting, but doing it with a great community can help you overcome that fear and have a good time!

4. What is one thing you look forward to every time you join an STU Arts Dance class?

“With each class I look forward to learning something new and growing as a dancer. The members, new and old, are very welcoming and it sure helps that the playlist is always on FIRE.” STU Arts dance prides itself on our killer playlists! 😁😁

5. In your opinion, What classes do you recommend to new STU Arts Dancers?

“As a first class I would recommend the Sunday “Everyone Can Dance like…” class. It is the PERFECT introduction to a dance class. There is a different artist each Sunday and if it is an artist you enjoy, it truly helps break the ice and have a fun time with songs that everyone knows and loves. I am a huge Beyoncé fan and so it was very fitting that my first class was the “Everyone Can Dance like Beyoncé” one. Needless to say that I was so happy after it that I was so happy after it that I immediately signed up for more!”

If there is anything else you would like to add about STU Arts or your experience?

“If you are looking for a sign to get started on your dance journey: THIS IS IT!”

Maria brings such light to each class and makes everyone smile every time! When joining STU Arts Dance, our priority is not only to teach you some amazing dance routines, but to also have fun and laugh along the way. We hold happiness, encouragement, and community at the forefront of all of our classes and want to make sure that you feel welcome 😄! If you are interested in learning how to join us, check out what we have to offer here, and how to get registered here. A big and special thanks to our lovely ECD member Maria for giving us insight on STU Arts Dance, and we hope to see you out there with us very soon!

Much love,

The STU Arts Dance Team 😊 😊


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