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Answering Dance Questions You are too Afraid to Ask

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium, English Speaking

Hello hello, welcome back to another STU Arts Dance blog. On today’s topic at hand; embarrassing questions you (probably) have thought of that you are too afraid to actually ask. Whether or not you think these questions are embarrassing, they have most likely crossed your mind at one point, and I am here to spill all the secrets and answer them honestly.

1. Do I really look that awkward when I dance?

I told you I was going to be honest 😅🤷‍♀️. Short answer—yes. Long answer—no. Yes you look awkward because you are still processing what your dance teacher showed you, and your body and brain are trying to connect and understand what to do. Long answer; you’re only going to look awkward for about 10-20 seconds, then you don’t. In that 20 seconds everyone is trying to understand and focus on what is happening. If it makes you feel better, no one is looking at you, they are all focused on the dance teacher and trying to understand on their own what to do. So in actuality you don’t technically look awkward because everyone looks awkward (for 20 seconds at least).

2. Is it weird that I watch other dancers in class so I can follow the choreography?

No- everyone does it, even experienced dancers. The most nerve racking thing about joining a dance class is not having the choreography 100% down when your teacher asks you (the collective class) to try it with the music. You probably have one section down pat, but that one 8-count is throwing you off, or you have to remind yourself you need to slide left instead of right. That’s fine, you’re learning a routine in one hour, you are bound to not remember everything effortlessly; so looking over to a friend through a mirror when dancing is totally normal to help you remember. Chances are they are doing the same to you with a different section you have perfectly executed 🤙🏽.

3. Is it bad that I would rather stay at the back of the class?

Being at the back of the class isn’t a crime, and it is completely okay for you to start at the back of the class. If it is your first time, or just trying out the studio to grasp their vibe; that is 100% understandable and kind of a given. Almost every dance teacher knows that if this is your first class you are most likely going to be at the back of the class. However, if you have been attending the studio's dance classes for a while now, I highly encourage you to step forward in your next class. It is a good challenge for yourself and a great way to build confidence over time. Staying at the back of the class is comforting—but true growth is in challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone.

4. Do I really need dance brand clothes/shoes for a dance class?

Oh my god—no. Most dance classes require comfortable, active-friendly clothing. So a pair of leggings, sweat pants, bike shorts and a breathable t-shirt is more than enough. However, if your dance instructor asks you for something specific then yes. Most of these classes are: tango, ballroom, and tap due to the specific type of shoe that is associated with it. But most of the time you just need comfortable, breathable, stretch friendly clothing. If it’s ballet, some teachers ask for ballet slippers, but most of them will just tell you a pair of socks is okay as long as you feel like you won’t slip around in them. Please do not wear jeans to a hip hop class, you will hate yourself after—trust me.

5. What if I am not good enough?

The dreaded question that’s at the back of everyone’s mind and a solid question to ask when you are first starting out. And I promised you I would be completely honest—no one ever considers themselves good enough, even the most technically trained dancers when they first started out. A lot of professional dancers are quite insecure, they might be technically flawless in ballet, but absolutely suck at hip hop, or they believe their arabesque is hideous to their own standards. If you ask any person, professional or not, why they dance, they will tell you they dance to feel good, to use it as a form of art and expression or because it’s a true form of escapism for them. If you are first starting out in your dancing journey, believing you are not good enough is just one step closer to stopping you from enjoying why you started (or want to start) in the first place. Instead of telling yourself “I’m not good enough?” start asking “will this make me happy?” because everything in life that is worth venturing into has to make you happy—right? 💜🦋

6. Is it bad that I want to ask a question?

Please please please ask any and all questions you have. I completely understand why you might not want to; you don’t want to look like you have no idea what you are doing, you don’t want the attention of the whole class on you, or sometimes you just don’t know what to ask but you know you need to go over something. Whatever it may be, I guarantee you someone else has the same question or you will encourage them to ask their own questions. Your dance teacher is there for a reason, they want you to learn and make it as easy and fun for you as possible. Take it from someone who has taught classes before-- I love it when someone asks me a question, it means they are paying attention and want to get it right! I once had someone ask me a question and immediately after the whole class said “me too”, '' I was also wondering that”; I wouldn't have known the entire class didn’t understand that one section if it weren’t for that one person. We all laughed it off and cleared things up right away. I say this all to say, go for it and ask any questions you have, your dance teacher will appreciate it and I guarantee others in your class will too. You will be the unsung hero of the class 😅.

7. Is it bad that i still don’t get the combo after the teacher showed it

Not at all! Getting a combination can be one of the most confusing things because your body and your mind are trying to play connect the dots. If it makes you feel a little better some of the most trained dancers will still get caught up on a certain combination/ exercise that the teacher showed them. If you don’t understand the combo, follow along with the teacher when she shows it to you over again; it will help you connect that missing link. Ask to go over it slowly with either counts or beats (whichever is comfortable to you) that way you are able to see what move you have to do at what count and it will be easier to connect to the music when it’s played. Most teachers will start off showing you the combo slowly and they will work their way up to full tempo (see our other Blog “dance terms every dancer should know” to understand what I am talking about). Once you understand the combo at full tempo, you’re all set to dance alongside the music!!

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium English Speaking

While there are so many other questions you might be too afraid to ask, I hope these questions did help you in some way shape or form. Dancing is supposed to make you feel good on the inside and out, and while these embarrassing questions might want to get you to stop, don’t--chances are you are not the only one with the same questions lingering in your head. Remember you got this, and go after it if you really want to. If you are interested in starting your dancing journey, be sure to do so with STU Arts Dance; we have some pretty cool beginner classes that teach you some sick dance moves and a killer dance community that comes along with it! If you would like to learn more on what we offer click here, and how to get registered here.

See ya laterrrr!✌🏽

The STU Arts Dance Team

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