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Dance Class Rules You Should Always Follow.

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Whether you are new to dance, or a seasoned veteran, going to a dance class can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Familiarizing yourself with studio rules ahead of time will allow you to get the most out of any class you take and ease any anxiety you might have. Here are 12 dance rules you should always follow to get you walking in and out of class with confidence!


1. Come 10-15 minutes ahead of time

Coming in 10-15 minutes before allows you to get signed in easier, get settled without feeling rushed, and give you 5 minutes to warm up before the class begins. You also get to say hi to some friends and catch up.

2. Go Jewelry free

The worst feeling is when you are wearing sharp or dangly jewelry and it gets stuck on your clothing. You can risk hurting yourself and it is uncomfortable dancing with all that jewelry. it is best to leave them at home.

3. Dress accordingly

Sweatpants, t-shirts, shorts, and running shoes are the best to keep you dancing comfortably while allowing your body to breathe without getting distracted.

4. Do not chew gum

You are allowed to chew gum before and after, but it is best to not chew gum during class. You are moving around a lot and breathing heavily, you can easily swallow it by accident and it gets you all choked up. Not worth the risk.

5. Phone on silent

If you are entering into a quieter class such as stretching, ballet or contemporary, the studio is going to be quieter at times. A ringing phone can get distracting for the teacher and other participants. Before walking into the studio, just turn it on silent so you don’t forget.

6. Go to the bathroom before class

Leaving and re-entering class can be distracting for everyone, if you know you might need to go to the bathroom beforehand, go before the class starts or at home. But don’t forget the water bottle, you still need to stay hydrated throughout class!

7. Listen to your teacher

Listening to certain instructions from your teacher will help you in the long run, whether it is a small step or a section, they will get you from point a to b a lot easier.

8. Sometimes just watch

Sometimes all you need is to just watch your teacher, there is only so much they can verbally explain that you will understand. Musicality, vibe, and emphasis are all taught and understood by watching your teacher.

9. Respect spatial awareness

Spatial awareness between other students is important to make everyone feel safe in their own space. Especially now due to Covid, keeping your distance is just as important as anything else.

10. Ask any and all questions you have.

Asking questions is a great way to understand everything. Your teacher is happy to help you and I guarantee someone else has the same question, they are just shy. Take one for the team and be the unsung hero!

11. If you are late, come in quietly and at the back

Life happens and that is okay! Being late once or twice is completely fine, if you find yourself 1-2 minutes late, just enter quietly, stay at the back, and follow along with what the teacher is showing. That way you are not distracting everyone. 😁😁

12. Don’t forget your water bottle/ personal belongings when leaving.

The amount of abandoned water bottles in class breaks every dance teacher's heart. While most dance studios will keep them on hold for the owner to come back, try your best to keep it close to the rest of your belongings so you don’t forget it!

Dance should be fun for everyone, keeping these rules in mind will create a safe and fun experience for everyone. Share this blog with a friend who is thinking of attending a dance class, they will feel confident in knowing how to properly prepare! Interested in starting your dancing journey? Check us out and what we have to offer here, and how to get registered here. Hope to see you out there dancing with us soon!!


The STU Arts Dance Team.

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