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How do I start learning how to dance?

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I could easily start and end this blog by summing up this blog by saying 1 thing: just go for it. But if you are anything like me, your immediate response to this would be an infinite amount of follow up questions. “where do I start?”, “how do I know if I am good enough?”, “ shouldn’t I have started when I was younger?” all valid questions and understandably so, you are asking these. But sometimes you can feel stuck on starting something new. So, this blog is dedicated to answering that simple question listed above, “how do I start learning how to dance?”


1. YouTube is your best friend

An easy start to answer that question is by using good old google. Type in “how to learn how to dance” and see an influx of dance studios pop up. This can be quite overwhelming, if you have no idea where to start. I suggest YouTube. YouTube is a great way to get an idea of what you are looking for. Search for things that interest you like “beginner ballet”, “easy hip hop moves”, “what is contemporary dance?” This will allow you to gage what you are looking for, and give you an idea of what you will be getting into with a dance class!

2. Stalk all social medias

Once you found a studio near you, the next thing to see if you vibe well with the studio is to stalk their social media. Whether they have a small following or not, you can generally gauge the atmosphere of the studio and what they have to offer! See their styles of dance, if they offer cool things, and most importantly, if they have a supportive community. Because what is the point of learning if you are not supported and enjoying every moment of it! Go on Instagram, Facebook, and even their website if they have more links to anything else. Learn everything you can to get an idea

3. Google Reviews

Like the one above, reading reviews is a great way to understand the vibe that a studio has. I don't know about you, but when I am searching for something, one of the first things I do is search their reviews. I love to learn about what the place is like! No only will you feel comfortable knowing what it is like, google reviews are honest thoughts from people themselves who have tried it. What better way to trust a studio than by reading reviews!

4. Try it on your own

Going back to YouTube really quickly. Try learning how to dance on your own before going to a studio. You can follow along to your favourite songs with some easy steps to get used to the beats and moving your body. You can do this at your own time in the comfort of your own home. You can search for some easy tutorials to your favourite songs, and next thing you know, you’ll be prepared for your class!

5. Jump the gun

This is the hardest part, but the most important. Jump the gun. You are your own worst critic, and the best thing you can do is to just go for it. Do not overthink it, take one step at a time and enjoy every step (pun intended) If you are nervous starting a dance class, I suggest grabbing a friend to join you, not only will you feel a little better having a familiar face, but you will be able to make some pretty fun memories along the way!

Learning how to dance can be one of the most beneficial and fun things you can do! You do not have to be a professional to enjoy moving to any beat, or expressing yourself through movement! Just take it one step at a time, get comfortable with trying new things and enjoy the little victories! If you are interested in learning how to dance, STU Arts Dance is currently offering workshops this semester, check out what we have to offer here, as well as how to get started here! (Stay tuned for the dates of our upcoming workshop!)

Thanks so much for reading and happy dancing friends! :)

The STU Arts Dance School.

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