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How to INSTANTLY look more confident while dancing

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So you want to know how to dance with more confidence. No matter how clean the routine is or how textured your moves look, the only way to exude a great performance is by having confidence. The most captivating dancers are those who look comfortable in their own skin, and really connect with the piece of music at hand. So, how do you really develop a mode of confidence when dancing? Keep reading to find out how!


1. Feel the music

Learning a routine is one thing, but feeling the music while you perform the piece is what separates an average dancer to a great one, no matter what level you are at. Visualizing yourself dancing to the music can help you get into it and build up your confidence. For example, your teacher has decided to use an Afrobeat song for one of their classes (ex. love Nwantiti), when the song plays really listen to the beat, the rhythm, and vibe the song has and naturally move to the music; you will start to feel comfortable moving to the song more and more. By the time you are learning and performing a piece your body will connect to the music more naturally!

Tip: Outside of the studio listen to some of your favourite songs and try to feel the music, let your body move naturally to the sound and see how you respond to sound!

2. Get out of your head

Overthinking is natural when you are first starting out, but it doesn’t have to be a staple when learning how to dance. Let go of that little voice inside of your head that is telling you “oh that is way too hard to do. There is absolutely no way I can do that”. Ignore that, and commit. You are more capable than you might think, and giving it your all and having fun is what confidence is all about. Next time that voice is getting a little too loud, tell them to shut up, get out of your head and focus on the music and just have fun!

3. Get comfortable

Comfortable clothes is where it’s at! Most dancers like to wear airy, breathable clothing that doesn’t restrict their movement. When having to remember choreography, beats, and adding your own individuality to the piece there can be a lot going on in a 1hr class. So go for a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt, or shorts and a hoodie that you feel most comfortable and confident in and that will translate in your dancing!! Honestly, It’s just one less thing to think about 😊.

4. Body language

Confidence looks different throughout different contexts. Some styles of dance call on you to express differently. Ex. Expression in ballet is different than in hip hop. However, confidence can be set in both. Finding your posture that fits the piece of choreo will help you embody the vibe of the piece, making your performance look a lot more natural and therefore confident. In ballet think shoulders back, chest high, chin up and smile. While in hip hop, you might be asked to stay low, loosen up your limbs and add flavour. Either way, confidence is placed on setting your body language to the piece of music. Also smile, smiling gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy!

5. Trust yourself.

Trusting yourself is easier said than done when performing a new piece to music for the first time, but it is one that is very important! Trusting yourself to remember the choreo, or to not mess up that one section can be daunting; but having faith in yourself is another ingredient to having confidence when you dance. Remember being confident isn’t about being invincible, it is about knowing that you are not going to let your fear of messing up keep you from trying in the first place! You got this :)

At the heart of it, dancing with confidence is about believing in yourself. Use these tips the next time you are in a dance class and if you feel like you still don’t get it, just know that STU Arts believes in you and we want to see you thrive! So keep these in mind while jamming it out! Want to learn how to dance? Check out our absolute beginner and Beginner dance classes here! and how to get registered here!

See ya out there!


The STU Arts Dance Team.

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