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ECD Member Showcase with Caroline

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium English Speaking

Welcome back to another ECD Member Showcase blog. It’s been a while since our last ECD Member Showcase, so as a little reminder, this blog is here to get you familiar with all things ECD related through the experience of our lovely members. If you ever wondered what goes on in ECD during class and outside within our awesome community stick around and by the end of it, you might want to come join us. So without further ado, let’s get to know our amazing ECD member Caroline :D

1. How long have you been a member of STU Arts Dance, and what has your experience been like?

“I attended the Hip Hop class for more than a year, even if the Covid crisis forced me to pause at one point. I directly loved Briana’s energy and positive attitude during the class. I had already followed in the past other dance classes for beginners that were actually quite difficult. I could also bet none of the students were actually beginners! I felt sometimes really stupid and came back home with quite a negative feelings, [but] in Briana’s class, I can really follow, learn new choreography each time, and have fun! Briana takes the time to explain each move and at the same time I think there is room for improvement for initiated dancers as well. [For the past] few months I also started the stretching class which occurs just after the hip hip class, and this is just perfect to relax [my] body and mind after [such] efforts.”

2. How has STU Arts Dance impacted you?

“I have always loved dancing but as I’m no professional, it has to remain a positive moment after a long day of work. There’s a real positive energy in Briana’s class; everyone is relaxed and kind, here to have fun and dance, and certainly not to compete, to show off or judge other students. At the same time, each choreography is a real challenge to take and Briana takes the time to explain how to improve our steps and style. Therefore I have improved my dancing and self-confidence. And thanks to the stretching classes, I am able now to touch my feet (it’s a big achievement for me!). And last but not least, I come aback home each time with very positive energy!”

3. If you could tell someone one thing about STU Arts to help them overcome their fear of starting dancing, what would it be?

“Just come once, you’ll love it. No one will judge you, there’s a lot of beginners and everyone is very kind. And you could be surprised with the progress you’ll quickly do! Dancing is really good for the mind and the mood, it is a lot of fun, you may get addicted. I would not hesitate to try!”

4. What do you feel you have gained since joining STU Arts Dance and its community?

“I have to admit I have not been really active besides dance classes, but I am happy to be in the [private] Facebook group to be able to watch videos of the latest choreography. [I love] keeping a link outside of the class [itself] and be informed of the latest news.”

5. In your opinion, what classes do you recommend to new STU Arts Dancers?

“I only attend the Hip Hop classes on Thursdays, followed by the stretching class, so I can only recommend those ones, also because it is a good combination; but other classes and workshops look very nice too!”

Caroline brings such light and good energy in every class she is a part of. The STU Arts Dance Team is grateful to her positive impact on our community and classes and love to call her an amazing ECD member. At STU Arts Dance, we are more than just a dance class, we really try to encourage our community members to achieve their own goals and aspirations within their personal journey and love to see everyone thrive! If you are interested in starting your dance journey and would like to do so with us, check out what we have to offer here, and how to get registered here! We can’t wait to see you out there jamming with us very soon :D

Special thanks to our lovely ECD member Caroline.

See ya soon!! The STU Arts Dance Team.

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