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ECD Member Showcase with Keli

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium English Speaking

Heyooo!! Welcome back to another ECD Member showcase blog! If you are unfamiliar with these blogs, they are here to help you navigate your way around starting (or continuing) your dancing journey with STU Arts Dance. This blog is dedicated to all new and existing members to learn more about STU Arts through the lens of one of our lovely members! We have interviewed one of our sweetest members Keli and asked her about dancing journey with us, so without further ado, lets meet Keli!

1. How long have you been a member and since joining STU Arts Dance, how has your experience been?

“It has been around a year now since my first class, but because of Covid restrictions I have not been able to attend as many [in person] classes as I’d have liked 🙁. In any case, one thing that hasn’t changed; the fun! Every single time I go to a class, I have been attending the hip hop classes, I have fun. Briana is awesome. Apart from the choreography being nice, she is always energetic, patient and fun. Therefore, my experience has changed for the better. The more classes you attend, the more fun it is because you also start knowing people; you start building a little community, and that allows me to feel even more comfortable and at ease with the environment. Even though I enjoy meeting new people, creating familiarity is also nice!”

2. Has STU Arts Impacted you?

“I was looking for affordable and easy going dance classes and STU Arts has fulfilled my desire. I am not at dancing, although I love it, and it takes me forever sometimes to remember a step or two 😅, but it is just so nice to have a school where you can learn, practice and have fun!”

3. If you could tell a newcomer one thing about STU Arts Dance to help them overcome their fear, what would it be?

“Give it a try! Everything and anything in life begins with a first step. Plus there are different styles that people can try, and see which one fir their bodies and mind best. On top of that, when you have an instructor that is technically good, and actually good at any given instructions, like Briana for example, any feedback motivates you as well!”

4. What do you feel like you have gained since joining the STU Arts Dance Community? And what classes do you recommend?

“Apart from the abs ahahah. [I] have gained a space to enjoy learning and dancing, with easy-going people and with a professional [environment], good and fun teacher! [As for classes] I have just attended the hip hop ones actually, and definitely recommend them!” If you are looking to start learning, our ECD beginner hip hop is a great way to get familiar with your body and different forms of movement that over time will get you grooving right away.”

Keli is one of the sweetest people at our ECD classes, we appreciate all her energy, fun and overall good vibes to each class she is in. As Keli mentioned earlier, dance is such a great way to have fun and enjoy the moment with an amazing community and teacher. If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, click here, and how to get registered here. We love and appreciate all the love that Keli has shown to STU Arts Dance and want to thank her for being a part of STU Arts Dance!. Hope to see you out there jamming with us!

A special thanks to Keli for joining our ECD member Showcase blog.

Okay Byeeeee 😎✌🏽✌🏽

The STU Arts Dance Team.

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