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ECD Member Showcase with Khushboo

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

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Welcome back to another ECD member Showcase blog! We have interviewed one of our dear ECD members Khushboo to help you discover why joining STU Arts Dance is the best decision you can make when starting your dancing journey! If you are new to STU Arts and want to get an idea of what It’s like, what better way to see than through the eyes of an ECD member! So, without further ado, let’s get started!


1. How did you find STU Arts Dance and can you give us an example of what convinced you to join?

“Dance has always been a very important part of my life, so naturally when I moved to Brussels, I did research on the dance studios, the different styles etc. and I found the meetup group for ECD. There was a fun vibe about it and options to try out classes without having to commit for the whole semester; and so it was really easy to try out [one] class and since then I have been a regular (more or less, considering Covid and stuff!)”

2. How do you feel STU Arts has impacted you outside of the Studio?

“I have made a lot of friends through the classes and it’s a lot of fun to organize activities/ outings with the group.” STU Arts is not just a dance school, we pride ourselves through building a community that supports you and cheers you on through your dancing journey. Khushboo has been a valued member and has always brought light to each of our ECD community meetups! Building that community that supports and encourages you makes all the difference when learning how to dance 😁

3. STU Arts Dance’s goal is to let people know that Everyone Can Dance; What is one thing you would say to someone to help them overcome their fear of learning how to dance?

“Just start with what feels natural and forget that anyone is watching”. Taking any big leap can be scary and overwhelming at first, but taking a step outside of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to enjoy your progress is all worth it when learning how to dance. Just as Khushboo said do what feels natural to you; for example, if you enjoy ballet, start off with an absolute beginner class and work your way up. Listen to yourself, your body and be in the moment 😁

4. What is one thing you look forward to every time you join an STU Arts Dance class?

“I really look forward to the combos. Briana makes every combo unique, fun, and challenging at the same time.” Khushboo is absolutely right! Having a great playlist and great company follows a great class. learning a combo can be challenging but without a good challenge you won’t be able to learn how to dance! Take it one step at a time and listen to your teacher and soon enough you will be a pro!

5. In your opinion, what classes do you recommend to new STU Arts Dancers?

“I would recommend starting with the dance-pop classes on Sunday [the Everyone Can dance like… classes] to feel the vibe of the class and the group while having fun and then try out different styles and see what fits.” Khushboo’s note on feeling the vibe of both the class and the group is important. Feeling comfortable in your journey is important; starting off with the ECD Dance like classes will get you comfortable and grooving to some of your favourite songs!

If there is anything else you would like to add about STU Arts or your experience, what is it?!

“I was looking for a dance class when I joined ECD and I found the greatest, most energetic and fun dance class, but also, I found a great community of people, being a part of which has made my life much more happening in Brussels!”

At the heart of it, STU Arts Dance is a great place to be. According to our lovely ECD member Khushboo, while starting your dancing journey can be tough, it is important to be comfortable with your surroundings, yourself and the community that you are entering. It is important to remember that we are all in the same boat. Khushboo brings such a light to every class she is a part of and has changed our community for the better! If you would like to learn more about STU Arts and what is offered check us out here, and how to get registered here. A big and special thanks to our lovely ECD member Khushboo for giving us insight on STU Arts Dance, and we hope to see you out there with us very soon!

The STU Arts Dance Team.

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