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ECD Member Showcase Interview with Lise

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium

Hi friends welcome back to another ECD Member Showcase blog! Our lovely member Lise is here to tell you about STU Arts Dance, why she loves it, and why you should join too! A little recap, our ECD Member Showcase Blog is here to help you get an inside scoop of all things STU Arts Dance from one of our dearest members. Today we have interviewed one of our loveliest members Lise and learned more about why she joined STU Arts Dance. Stick around to learn more about how to get started with us!

1. Starting off simply, how long have you been a member and what has your experience been like since joining STU Art Dance?

“I’ve been a member for about three years. I have been dancing since I was a child and love to dance. Since I moved to Bruxelles. I have been attending several different dance schools/ classes but never really found the right place with the right atmosphere and feeling until I found ECD. Everyone is super nice and the atmosphere is really great. Everyone is encouraged to join and do their best as everyone can dance. You feel at ease and relaxed and encouraged to do your best. I love to dance and the energy you get from it. To be challenged with difficult choreography and focused on wanting to learn it.”

2. How has STU Arts Impacted you in any way?

“[STU Arts Dance] has increased my social network in Brussels. I used to travel a lot with work so it was difficult to establish a network. With ECD, it is not just about dancing but also about having a good time with nice people. I love that STU Arts also organizes brunch and dinners and through ECD, I have [gained] some very nice friends. Also dancing gives you so much energy and makes you happy. After a long day at work, it is really nice to join the Hip Hop classes and just focus on dancing and be challenged. It forces you to focus your mind on the choreography and forget the daily worries.”

3. What can you tell someone who is reluctant to join a dance class and start their journey?

“That everyone can dance. At STU Arts everyone feels welcome and no one will laugh at how you dance. It is really for everyone and the atmosphere makes you feel accepted. The dance class is taught so that everyone can follow but at the same time, we are challenged.”

4. What have you gained since joining our little community?

“It allows me to do what I love to do; dance. It is a great group of people of all ages. It's never too late to dance and I am happy to be able to continue taking classes with a great group of people. It has given me a great network and I have met some great people.”

5. In your opinion, what classes do you recommend to new ECD-ers?

“Definitely both the hip hop class and the Sunday <<Everyone Can Dance Like…>> class. Hip Hop is a bit more challenging and not beginner level, but you really get a lot of energy [during class]. Sunday classes are super nice, very social and good for beginners.”

Lise brings such light to each class and makes everyone smile every time! When joining STU Arts Dance, our priority is not only to teach you some amazing dance routines, but to also have fun and laugh along the way. We hold happiness, encouragement, and community at the forefront of all of our classes and want to make sure that you feel welcome 😄! If you are interested in learning how to join us, check out what we have to offer here, and how to get registered here. A big and special thanks to our lovely ECD member Lise for giving us insight on STU Arts Dance, and we hope to see you out there with us very soon!

Much love,

The STU Arts Dance Team 😊 😊

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