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Everyone Can Dance! Member Spotlight Interview

Updated: May 16, 2021

Adult Dance School Brussels

Welcome to another STU Arts Dance weekly blog! This blog is going to be a little bit different than most as we have interviewed one of our ECD members to help you discover why joining STU Arts Dance is the best decision you can make when starting your dance journey! If you are new to STU Arts and want an idea of what goes on, what better way than to see through the eyes of an ECD member! Without further ado, let’s get started!

To start off, let’s get to know our ECD member! Déborah Kakolobango

1). How long have you been a member and what has your experience been like?

Déborah is a long time member at STU Arts dance, and joined a little over a year ago with her first class being the “Everybody Can Dance like Destiny’s Child” class. While scrolling through meetup, she saw the offered class and had to jump at the opportunity! she recalls “I had a friend visit me and I was searching for something original to do, when I found the dance classes I said ‘Oh! This could be interesting for me!’” Ever since then, Deborah has been a regular and lights up every class she’s in!

2) what do you think you have gained since joining STU Arts?

Like many others who have joined STU Arts, Déborah recalls that she had a hard time keeping up with the choreography in the beginning, but now, she feels like she had got it down! While starting your own journey can be tough, we need to keep in mind that without a little challenge we will not be able to grow and learn. Deborah shows a great example of sticking to it and eventually you will start to see progress in your actions! “I remember it being way harder in the beginning, [now] I feel more confident dancing and improved my stamina.” She also notes that since attending dance classes, she feels her physical health has improved greatly!

3) If you could tell someone anything about STU Arts to help them overcome their fear of starting their dance journey?

One thing that Déborah wants everyone to know is that “we are all beginners!” We’re all in the same boat, it is scary and overwhelming when starting something completely new and not knowing where it might take you, but everyone who is at STU Arts knows the difficulties this might entail. However, we are all here to have fun, let lose, and just enjoy our time dancing together! Déborah mentions that “I feel like a lot of people are scared about the level, and Briana makes sure that everyone gets it in the end.” At the end of the day, it is a team work environment and we are all here to just dance and have fun! What is also important to mention self-comparison, “what a lot of people do too much is compare yourself to others, and then from their say they can’t do it.” I think it’s important to recognize that you already came out and that is a big step in itself, take your time, but this is your journey and your process will be different than others, trust yourself and you’ll see how wonderful dancing will feel!

4) how has STU Arts impacted your personal dance journey?

To put it sweet and simply, Deborah states that “I have become a lot better!” (I absolutely love the confidence!) “since starting dance, I have gotten more into sports, STU Arts is something where I look forward to going. I feel like I am motivated to go, excited to go!” while starting your dance journey you are only thinking of attending dance classes, but you also create a little community along the way! She recalls that “you get excited to see the little dance family every week”, enjoying your time with others creating memories and laughs through dance is one way of encouraging you to keep coming to dance class!

5) how do you feel about the STU Arts community? And how would you describe the STU Arts community to someone who isn’t a part of it yet?

“I love them! I love to be a part of international environments, and its very international. We do things that you might not would have done through a dance community such as axe throwing, karaoke, dinners. There are so many possibilities and it’s so fun.” Although it’s not the most conventional hang out sessions, it really does bring people together from all walks of life and from every corner of the world! The STU Arts community goes beyond our dance classes and allows you to get to know those you are dancing with.

At the heart of it, STU Arts Dance is a great place to be, according to our ECD member, Déborah. While starting your own dance journey can be tough, it is important to remember that we are all in the same boat, and those who have joined absolutely love it! If you are interested in joining STU Arts Dance, be sure to check out our website here for more information! Can’t wait to see you out there jamming with us soon!

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