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5 Things You Should NOT Do While Dancing at a Party

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

How to Dance at Parties Brussels Adult Dance School

Dancing at parties is the perfect way to meet people, release some stress and simply enjoy a Friday or Saturday night. Now in the midst of the loud music, sticky floor from countless spilled drinks, crowded spaces and potentially sweaty walls we have to make sure this unpredictable environment doesn't prevent us from having a great time! This is especially important if you want to really connect with those at the party on a friendly level or beyond.

So imagine you're at a party and you really wanna get out there. This could be a solo venture or you wanna dance with some on the dance floor. There are very important things to remember NOT to do as you make your way to the dance floor.

1. Doubt Yourself

Many people think that 100% of dancing is the actual movement itself but actually thats not it all. The body is merely the vehicle to express movement but the dance really starts within us. So when you watch professional dancers on stage or even just that really cool and fun guy on the dance floor, you're seeing their confidence in physical form. You're seeing the years of confident and persistent training from the dancer on the stage and your seeing that cool, fun guy's lack of inhibition and vulnerability to simply be himself.

So getting out there is purely confidence; moving your body comes much later. That first spark in you that says GO is your inner self saying, "Yes! Let's do this. It'll be fun. We can just be ourselves and have a good time. No worrying, no stress". So the next time this feeling hits you, just go with it! Don't think, don't doubt. Just Dance! When did doubt ever help anybody?

2. Get stuck in one spot

Location is very important when getting out there and dancing. If you're dancing too close to the entrance you'll constantly be hit and nudged by people walking in and out of the party. If youre at the bar you will more than likely get hit and also spilled on by countless drinks of people of various levels of sobriety. Too close to the wall? Well you just can't move at this point. So that's just a whole night of fun (not!) nodding your head and maybe tapping your feet. Too close to the bathroom? I think you can imagine this one.

So we advise that you choose a spot that has as much space as you can find to really go for it. Hanging out at a particular lo-cal at the party can really limit the possibilities of movement, meeting people and overall the amazing spontaneity of a night out. So don't stay planted for too long, check out whats going on around you. Now, unless you really don't have any other options just choose the lesser of all the evils.

3. The "reckless abandon"

Hey friends we all love a good time and we all love our eyes too. So be sure when you're out there to be gentle with your movements no matter how much a particular song is your "jam". Cater your movements to the space and people around you. Be aware of where you are stand-ing, the heights of those around you and overall the vibe. Try to find the groove within the crowd and fill it in with your own flavor. Yes be authentically you and express your individuality, just be safe out there folks. We all wanna go home in one piece.

4. Look at the Floor

If you're gonna dance my friend, just dance! Don't worry and DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT look at the floor. There's nothing there, promise! Well maybe a flattened cup from an old stepped on rum and coke, but otherwise nothing or real value (unless there's a euro or two, okay I digress).

Anyway, this very small action of keeping your focus low has a world of meaning in Body Language World. Looking down says you're not confident, you're uninterested, you're bored, you're unsure, and many many other things. When you look down you're sending very low, and negative signals to your body that affect the rest of your body such as slumped shoulders, poorly postured spine, and a sunken in chest. And just from one change of focus everything is closed off to the world.

You can actually try this right now. Look down and notice. Notice how your body and even your mood or sense of self changes. How do you feel?

Now, do the opposite. Look up and straight in front of you and notice the differences. You could finally finish that one task, take over the world, or even get out on the dance floor right now. And make sure that when you do your focus is up, your back is straight and your chest is open to show off who you are to everyone around you.

5. Rely on Alcohol

I know we all have those friends or we might be those people who feel it necessary to have liquid courage before they can step foot on the dance floor. But we're here to tell you that you don't need it. You can be fun, spontaneous, and all you want to be without any external help.

If you want to be fun, if you want to be spontaneous, if you want to dance... just do it! You have the power to control who and how you are in any situation. You already do it at work, with your kids and maybe with your in-laws. On a daily basis you make conscious choices to be a certain person and act a certain way in different environments. Why let the one fun, amazing, and most free spaces such as the dance floor become the most nerve-racking and scary places in our lives?

As we mentioned earlier, find it within yourself and make a conscious choice. A true and honest choice that makes you happy being yourself as you grow to enjoy who you are while living your best life on the dance floor. And yes, being simply you is enough.


Still need help getting out there on the dance floor?

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