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5 Benefits of Social Dance

Updated: May 16, 2021

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Dancing has proven to allow people to have fun, let loose and just enjoy your time and the music. Whether it is with your close family at your house, jamming in a car with your friends, or even by yourself, dancing has a wonderful way of putting a smile on your face and simply enjoying your time. However, what many people might not know is that dancing holds many benefits for you socially. If you are interested in learning some benefits of social dancing look no further than here. Here are 5 benefits of social dancing.

1. Help you conquer shyness

When looking at dance performances or your favourite artists on stage you may think to yourself “wow~ I wish I looked like that when I dance” or “they are such a great dancer I wish I could do that” and these thoughts can stop you from starting or continuing your dance journey. Dancing in general can be daunting, you are moving our body in ways that you may not be used to or comfortable with, but with practice (and the right music!) over time you will see yourself get comfortable and happy with your dance moves. The best part of dance is that with practice it gets you out of that bubble, even if it’s little steps like dancing in front of your family, or taking that leap of faith auditioning for that new role. Dance helps you gain that confidence that you may be looking for to help you in other aspects of your life.

2. Finding a new Community

Something so beautiful about taking dance classes is that you can gain another family along the way. Dance classes are a great way to introduce yourself to new people and create some amazing friendships in addition to doing something you love. If you find yourself in a new city or country, finding that dance community can help you integrate and find your place in your new home. The best thing about dance is that it is open to anyone at any level, whether you are a complete beginner or a self-proclaimed pro, the dance community is always open to having new people in their squad!

3. Opens you up to new things

Dance has a beautiful way of not just introducing you to new people, but to new cultures, music, language and so much more. When you are willing to learn new things, the world will surprise you with all of the beauty that it has to offer; the dance community is not shy to this as well. Let’s say you are taking a dance class online and you meet some pretty cool people, soon you will be connected with some new friends who may have grown up on the other side of the world, you are now learning about their culture, language, and traditions. In addition to this, you may also learn some traditional dance moves from their culture! Dance is historically engraved in humanity, and a little dance class may introduce you to new parts of the world (even if it is an online class!)

4. Helps improve other aspects of your life

As I mentioned above, dance opens you up to new things, this can then translate into improving other aspects of your life. You begin to understand things around you more, you are aware of your surroundings and your relationships. For example, taking a dance and wellness class can open you up to notice body language more and you will be able to pick up these queues in your work and home life. You will not only be able to dance better but you will also be able to communicate with your friends and colleagues more! Dance can make you feel free and also teach you so much about people.

5. Makes you happier all-in-all

At the heart of it, dance is there to make you feel like you are having fun, expressing your feelings and allowing yourself to feel the music and enjoy your time. When you are enjoying your time, you will feel happier overall. So keep dancing, start off the day with a jam session to your favourite songs as you get ready for work, or have an impromptu dance performance in your bedroom when getting ready for bed. No matter the time of day, dance because if it makes you happy that’s all that matters and being happy is what life is about!

Dance class is not there to only learn some moves one hour a week, it can offer you so much more than you might think. The ability to learn about human interaction, new cultures and traditions you never heard of, or help you conquer shyness; social dancing is there to teach you so much more if you are willing to learn. If you are interested in starting your online dancing journey, be sure to do so with STU Arts Dance, you can learn more on our website here, can’t wait to see you join us in the comfort of your own home!

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