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What is Everybody Can Dance at Parties?

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dance School Brussels

Hello there! If you have come across this post, at one point in your thought process you have wondered what in the world is Everybody Can Dance at parties?  Is it a dance class? Is it a parties class? Do we jam out like we are at a party? And the answer to all of this is yes :) Don’t worry I’m going to go more into depth with all of this, but in the general sense the Everybody Can Dance at Parties is everything you are probably already thinking of. Without further ado, here is a brief explanation of why you should party with us in our parties class!

1. Get ready to MOVE!

Like how you would at any party, you definitely will be moving! This class is designed to allow you to get comfortable with moving your body in a dance environment, whether it’s jamming out to some good music in your kitchen and showing off your dance moves to your family or when you are having a night out with friends and want to blow them away with your two-step! This class institutes a lot of cardio heaving/ continuous movement, which in essence allows you to get out of your head and move with our inhibitions. Trust me when I say that you will be spending the majority (if not the entire time) moving and grooving!

2. The whole idea of Everybody Can Dance

Like the name insinuates, the class is a beginner class with the notion of everybody can dance at the heart of it. Starting any journey whether it be dance or not is already tough and a big step forward. However, the class is designed for you to get comfortable with your body and moving around. There isn’t anything too technical and hard about it, you are simply there to have fun and enjoy your time. Starting little by little the class starts off with some small warm up exercises and you work your way up to some moves that we go over so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. Trust me when I say, at the end of the class you will 99% have a smile on your face!

3. Getting the hang of some new moves.

The parties class allows you to get some good moves under your belt so you feel comfortable in a dancing environment. Designed to teach you simple moves, the versatility of the moves allow you to use them for almost any song presented to you! While with a slightly more technical approach (so you can get the moves down and use them later), The class offers a way you can both learn some new moves, but also enjoy your time while doing so!

4. What is the vibe of the class like?

With a class filled with nonstop music, and like the class name suggests, the vibe of the class is supposed to feel like you are partying! Learning moves specifically tailored to parties, the class marries both the ability to learn some creative movement all while you are still moving. With some pretty hyped up songs (and some classics sprinkled in there) such as latin infused music, a mix of modern pop and hip hop all wrapped up in a party’s mix so the music is always flowing. It won’t feel like you are always just doing different dance moves, but you are simply just enjoying your time jamming out to some of your favourite songs! You will be able to build up your confidence, such as improving your body language skills, overcoming the fear of moving and boosting your focus and intention. Additionally you will be able to improve your footwork and arm movements, enhance your body awareness and coordination when moving while also learning the basics of rhythm and musicality. finally you will be able to meet new people. you will learn some tips and tools to effectively move amongst a group, connect with new people and make new friends while also learning something new about yourself and others.

Bonus: at the end of the class, we usually turn off the lights and jam out to some songs so you can let everything out and just have some fun!

With a class designed to help you get used to moving around and finding some moves for the next time you are ready to bust a move, the Everybody Can Dance at parties class allows you to get comfortable in your own skin and allow you to build confidence in your dance moves while also keeping the importance of having fun! If you wish to learn more about registration be sure to check out our website for more information here! Can’t wait to see you all out there!

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