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STU Arts Dance workshop: Ballet

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium, English speaking

Heyoo! Welcome back to another STU Arts Blog, I hope that you are all good an enjoying the lovely weather! STU Arts Dance has a special announcement, we are having another workshop. This time Ballet! If you are new to the dance world and want to know more about workshops, what the ballet workshop will entail etc. stick around to learn more!!


1. What is a workshop

While each studio might have different little things that their workshops offer, essentially dance workshops are like classes, however they are not as regular, and oftentimes a little longer than a regular 1 hour class. You are there to learn like a regular class, but they are open to more people, levels and you are not tied down with a yearly subscription to a dance class. If you want to learn how to dance, or to get a feel of the studio before 100% committing, I highly recommend attending a dance workshop!

2. What is a ballet workshop

Like mentioned above, a workshop is like a dance class, except you go more in depth and it is special to only ballet. Ballet is a classical dance form dating back to the 19th century Italian Renaissance, based on precision, control of the body and expression through movement! This is a beginner ballet class designed for first time ballerinas/ballerinos or for anyone wanting to get back into ballet.

3. What if I have never done ballet before

I would like to start off by saying that this class is made for beginners, and STU Arts Dance’s moto is EVERYONE CAN DANCE and yes, that includes you!! We know that learning how to dance can be journey, but we try to make just as much fun as it is educational! If you feel nervous, that is completely fine! We want you to be able to push yourself, because the best way to learn and grow is by stepping outside of your comfort zone. We will be there with you to help you out along the way :))

4. What do I wear?

A great question to ask if you have never taken a workshop or even a dance class! The best advice that I can give you is to wear something breathable, stretchy and most importantly comfortable! You want to not think about what you are wearing when you are dancing. something like a pair of leggings with a workout top or oversized t-shit is the perfect thing you can wear. And because this is a ballet class, I suggest wearing a good pair of socks alongside!

5. Have fun!

This is the most important advice that I can give you! Have fun! I understand how overwhelming it can be, but trust me when I say, the best and most important part about all of this is to enjoy your time. Dancing is a form of therapy and can be there for you in the most unlikely of times. Take the time you have to learn, grow and appreciate the little things with dance!

And there you have it! Our workshops are made to allow you to learn, grow as a dancer, and have fun! WE would love to be able to see you dancing with us! Check us out here to learn more about the workshop here, and how to get registered here!

But wait! I would love to learn what moves you would like to learn during the workshop. Comment down below what move you are most looking forward to learn!


The STU Arts Dance School!

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