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STU Arts Dance Workshop: Beyonce

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium, English Speaking

Attention! All Dancers, beginners included! We have a new dance workshop coming up that will get you shimmying and shaking all day long! Our upcoming dance workshop is an homage to the queen bee herself- BEYONCE! If you are interested in learning how to dance to one of the most iconic women and her music, then you should definitely check it out! But wait, you might be thinking, what even is a dance workshop? what is a Beyonce workshop? I have no idea what I am doing? All valid, but don’t fret I am here to walk you through all the questions you might have in the meantime. So without further ado, let’s get into what our next workshop will look like!

1. What is a dance Workshop?

Before listing off what the benefits are of dance workshops, it’s important to know what they are. Essentially dance workshops are like classes, however they are not as regular, and oftentimes a little longer than a regular 1 hour class. You are there to learn like a regular class, but they are open to more people, levels and you are not tied down with a yearly subscription to a dance class. If you want to learn how to dance, or to get a feel of the studio before 100% committing, I highly recommend attending a dance workshop!

2. What is a Beyonce Dance workshop?

As mentioning above, a dance workshop is essentially like a dance class, but with the Beyonce dance class, you will be listening to solely all Beyoncé’s music! The class will consist of a warm-up, stretching and a Beyonce-esque movement combination for all levels that gets you confident and full of expression in your own body while connecting with others. Come meet new people, get in a good workout, and dance your heart out because EVERYONE Can Dance Like Beyonce!

3. But what if I can’t move like Beyonce??

While it’s understandable to see any Beyonce performance and think that you will not be able to that, only professionals can do that! I’m going to stop you right there! Everyone had to start learning from somewhere, (including the queen herself!) not only is the workshop for beginners, but its main purpose is to be able to have fun! Enjoy some time away from reality and start jamming out to your favourite queen B music! Trust me, you got this!!

4. Gain new experience and make new friends!

If you are new to Brussels, or have been here for a while but want to try something new! This is the perfect thing for you! Not only will you be gaining new experiences, but you can also make some new friends along the way! If you are nervous about going by yourself, I suggest bringing a friend along the way. Not only will you have a friendly face with you, but you will also be making some memories along the way! :)

While learning how to dance can be challenging, learning to dance with your favourite songs is the best feeling everrr! Join us for our Everybody can Dance Beyonce Workshop on May 28th! To learn more check it out here, and how to get registered here.

But waittt, I want to know what your all time favourite Beyonce song is and why we should use it in the upcoming workshop. Comment down below!!

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