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Class Location: Fred Academy

Rue de la Revolution 18

 1000 Brussels

Time: Sunday 11am-12pm


Online Drop-In's 15€

We all love to party but sometimes we need a boost in confidence and have no idea what to do but the BEST way to get over your fear of moving is just to get out there! Join us in this cardio parties class that gets you out of your head and your body moving & sweating. In this class, we will start with a non-stop warm-up with basic arm and foot movements, then learn a simple movement combo to add to your movement toolkit, then finish with one BIG PARTY. 


Dancing at parties is not only fun but it reduces stress, increases confidence, improves posture and coordination, boosts creativity and creates and strengthens social interactions.

If have you ever thought, “I don’t know how to dance. Why are they pushing me to go out there? I can’t possibly dance with all of those people. What would I do? I would look ridiculous.” If so, this class is definitely for you!


Movement fundamentals taught in this course are based on movements in Hip Hop and Dance-pop.


Be prepare to sweat!

Please bring a water bottle, fitness attire and comfortable shoes.



Did you know that people notice your confidence before they even notice your dance moves?  Within our 4-week course you will:​

  • Improve body language skills

  • Overcome your fear of moving

  • Boost focus & intention 

Learn NEW Dance MOVEs

Not sure how to move while on the dance floor? Within our 4-week course you will:

  • Improve footwork & arm movements

  • Enhance body awareness & coordination 

  • Learn the basics of rhythm and musicality


Parties are great ways to meet and connect with people. Within our 4-week course you will:


  • Learn tips and tools to effectively move amongst a group

  • Connect with new friends

  • Learn something new about yourself and others

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