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What if dance can change the world?

Updated: May 16, 2021

Hi hi! If you are new, welcome and if you are not new welcome back to another blog here at STU Arts Dance. From reading the title, you are either really confused or wondering what I mean by dance changing the world; either way you’re intrigued on what I have to say. Now from an objective standpoint dance probably can’t change the world, but what it can do is create a ripple effect.

Whenever I hear someone say that the dance or the arts in general is not a “viable” or “secure” source of income for others to pursue a profession out of, It always baffles me. While in the general understanding a traditional artist does not receive the same annual income as, let’s say, a neurosurgeon. The arts hold valuable power over the impact of our mental health. Diving deeper into the idea of what is considered a secure job or not; the arts are oftentimes left out of the equation. While many people now are creating a profession out of dance and the arts and are becoming successful, many people who identify as members of the “older” generation are wired to think good/secure professions lie with being a doctor, engineer, or lawyer (this is especially true if you come from more immigrant household, raising my hand on this one haha). While this does hold true that the professions listed above are secure professions, the mentality lies in “how are you going to support yourself if you are an artist?'' While this is a reasonable question to ask, times have definitely changed, and the arts have a lot more to offer than one might think.

While it may not seem like it, the entertainment industry is one of the hardest industries to break into. Whether you want to be an actor, traditional artist, musician, or even dancer, the journey is definitely a roller-coaster. However, what most people don’t realize is that the arts is what helps us escape from all of our stresses. The entire industry lies making sure people are entertained and are having a good time, this in tune affects our mental health. Think of it this way, when you come home from a long day of work, you usually turn on the TV and watch your favourite shows, or when cooking you listen on your favourite songs to entertain you while working. Even if you are taking a break during meetings, or you are working on notes, you can be listening to music, watching YouTube videos, listening to a podcast or watching a performance, whatever you are doing to wind down, others are doing to make an income.

Since the rise of Covid-19 and in respect universal actions of lockdown, many people were left stuck at home with nothing to do, millions turned to Netflix, and YouTube for a distraction or help them cope with these difficult times. While I do understand that dance in and of itself cannot change the world on its own, it is a part of the bigger picture of the arts that has helped us overcome some of the most difficult times we have had to face in recent events. Whether it is simply dancing in your kitchen with your kids while making breakfast, or dancing to your favorite song while in the shower (proceed with caution), dancing has had the ability to brighten up everyone’s mood during Coronavirus. The good thing about dance is that anyone can do it, anywhere, without any forms of restrictions (however, social distancing is always encouraged here at STU Arts Dance). Whether you are visiting a loved one at their house and you are outside their window, or dancing on your balcony, dance brings people together in a form of connection that cannot be acquired through other professions.

While changing the world is an ambitious endeavour, adding a whole bunch of little things to create one big cause for change can definitely have an impact. Dance plays an integral role in the impact of improving one’s mental health. Dance not only brings a smile on your own face, but can also do the same to others. It is a connective profession which feeds off one another to create something beautiful that in time, can change the world.

If you are interested in starting your own dancing journey, be sure to do so with STU Arts Dance. We offer some amazing beginner dance courses through our Everybody Can Dance classes every Thursday and Sunday. To find out more information check out our website here to book your class! See you all out there!

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