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Welcome to STU Arts 2020/2021 Dance Season!

Updated: May 16, 2021

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Heyo!—how’s it going? I know that 2020 has been a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainty, but look at you! You pushed through and are doing amazing ☺ like with any bump in the road (I would personally equate corona to being a mountain not a bump, but that’s just me haha), we adjust and try to create with what we have. STU Arts Dance, among other companies and professions have definitely felt the heat with the impact Covid had on the world, but we tried our best and slowly brought back our growing community through the power of dance. 😎 With that being said, there is much to look forward to this coming 2020/2021 Dance season.

I would first like to start off by saying thank you—thank you for giving STU Arts love and generosity throughout these ambivalent times. It is with this that we can give you the best dance experience you can imagine! One thing that is obviously on everybody’s mind is STU Arts Dance and the Coronavirus impact. Although things are starting to subside, STU Arts is still taking the safety of our members and staff as a top priority. With this in mind, STU Arts is limiting the amount of students that can register for in-studio classes (15-20 people- depending on the place). In addition with that, we have ended cash payment methods therefore only allowing online registration and payment to ensure the continued safety of everyone. (if you would like to learn more, you can check out Covid related questions here)

Now that we have finished all the technical stuff, onto the good stuff we’ve all been waiting for; what can we look forward to this coming dance season?! Now I don’t know about you but I’m really excited for the upcoming “Every Body Can Dance like… special guest” classes. A little sneak peak, we are incorporating artists such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo and wayyyy more! (ahhh I’m super pumped). What else? Our Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop classes are going to be fun (as always) and offer you some real groovy good vibes! be sure to look forward to some groovy and spicy moves in the hip hop class 😎😎.

Along with our Everybody Can Dance like... Special Guest and Everybody Can Dance like Hip Hop classes, our Everyone Can Dance at Parties is a great way to get pumping and grooving through simple and party worthy dance moves. The one thing I absolutely love about the ECD at parties class is you don’t have to think too much about the moves and just have fun! (also our parties mixes always have the best music). On the other hand, our Creative & Dynamic Stretching Class is probably in my top favourite classes because it’s a great way to focus on your body, relax and work on gaining strength and flexibility that you might not be getting on a daily basis! (humble brag, you feel tired and ready for bed afterwards and that is the best feeling ever and will guarantee the best night’s sleep!) If you are relatively new to the STU Arts Dance community, just found out about it right now, or have been a member for a while, you will definitely look forward to lots of laughs, amazing dance combinations and building a family along the way! (also lots of scatting and adlibs with lots of positive energy, motivational words and little phrases to help you remember that specific choreography! You will most probably adopt along the way [I am talking from first-hand experience haha])

With so much going on already with classes! STU Arts has more to offer! We are back with some of our amazing Stepping Workshops and our new Everybody Can Dance Choreography series lasting all October long! Stepping is a creative and dynamic form of African American body percussion which utilizes only one’s hands, feet and voice to create music and dance simultaneously. We are offering some amazing new stepping workshops which you can look out for on our Stepping page here! Also (im super pumped for this!) STU Arts is proud to announce that we are starting a Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop Choreography Series for the month of October (every Sunday from 19-20h30!) which will consist of learning choreography for a full length song! to learn more check it out here!

There is so much to look forward to with upcoming dance classes, STU Arts goes beyond just the studio and has also created a community outside of in-studio classes. Oftentimes we enjoy spending time with each other by going out and grabbing brunch after our ECD Sunday classes, and sometimes we do crazy fun stuff like axe throwing and karaoke! Long story short, there is so much to look forward to this season, though we have been hit with some unfortunate events, we will continue to smile and bring you the best STU Arts Dance season yet! Get ready to shimmy and shake with us!

Can’t wait to see you all out there Jamming and Grooving with us—KK BYE :D

“The morning will come again/ No darkness, no season is eternal”

  • Kim Namjoon.

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