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Top 5 Dance movies You have to watch

Updated: May 16, 2021

Welcome back to another STU Arts Blog! This one is a fun one because today we’re talking about movieeesss and who doesn’t love a good movie? Now if you are like me, you have seen a plethora of movies in the past year (more than I would like to admit not going to lie) but if there is one genre of movies that always gets me moving and in a better mood is, yep you guessed it, dance movies! So without further ado, here are some dance movies that you may (or may not) have seen that you should (re) watch to get you in the best mood ever!

1. Step Up (2006)

Starting off with a classic. Step Up is the embodiment of all dance movies. The plot follows a young man (Channing Tatum) who finds himself working in an arts school under probation and helps a prima ballet dancer (Jenna Dewan) with her routine for a big audition. Add a few hip hop moves and some of the best dance breaks in between and boom you have the perfect dance movie! Four sequels followed up the first, but in my humble opinion nothing beats the original. (get it, beats…I’m sorry) (also Moose is the best character 100%)

2. Footloose

Another classic we all know and love. Footloose follows a town that banned dancing and rock music, but with good old rebellion spirit a teen decides he wants to shake things up (literally and metaphorically) and does so pridefully. With a little bit of forbidden romance, this classic will get you feeling ready to shake and get loose with the cast. (Do yourself a favour and watch the original, no offence to the 2011 version, but footloose without Kevin Bacon is just not the same).

3. Save the Last Dance

If I am being completely honest this movie does a great job of having a plot alongside having dance as its main aspect. Save the last dance follows protagonist Sara, who failed her Juilliard audition and then moves to Chicago to live with her father after her mother’s passing. The audience follows Sara as she learns, adjusts and falls in love with dance, friends and her dreams through a new lens. Julia Stiles’ performance is captivating and there is no denying that this gem is a classic amongst the dance movie genre.

Fun fact: Julia Stiles’ small dance performance in 10 Things I Hate About You grabbed the attention of the Save the Last Dance’s Director Thomas Carter, landing her the lead role.

4. Dirty Dancing

I had to mention this one, everyone knows and loves it, and it deserves to be on every Best Dance movie List. Dirty Dancing is the be-all and end-all of dance movies. It’s the story of Frances “Baby” houseman who has the time of her life (😏) with Johnny Castle, the handsome dance instructor who works at the resort her family is spending the summer in. The final scene is the most iconic one and will make you question if gravity is real. (please do not attempt, I guarantee you will hurt yourself in the process).

5. Shall we dance

Okay this one is the cutest one!! Shall We Dance follows 2000’s Rom-Com legend Jennifer Lopez who plays a ballroom Instructor and Richard Gere who plays a bored and overworked lawyer. The story follows John (Gere) who spots a beautiful woman in the window of a dance studio (Lopez) while on the train commuting home from work. Impulsively he jumps off the train and quickly finds himself walking towards the studio and signs up for classes in hopes of meeting her. Unlikely friendships are formed and you are 100% going to attempt ballroom dancing after watching this movie. Highly recommend this gem of a movie.

And there you have it friends!! Some of the best dance movies summed up for your next movie night! Share this blog with your friends so you can obsess together over these iconic dance classics, and if you are overly inspired by these amazing dancers and actors come learn to dance with us; we have amazing classes styled for everyone to learn how to dance and build the best dance family along the way. To learn more about the classes check us out here, and to register check us out here! Shimmy away my friends and have a wonderful day!

Much love

Now I obviously wasn’t going to leave you without some more movies. Here are some honourable mentions :))

  • Centre Stage

  • Billy Elliot

  • La La Land

  • Black Swan

  • Burlesque

  • Fame

  • Chicago

  • Magic Mike XXL

  • Bring it On

  • Step Up 2 The Streets, Step Up 3, Step Up Revolution, Step up All In.

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