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The BEST Christmas Songs to Dance to This Holiday Season

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmasssss! 2021 has been a rather hectic year, and while there has been so much going on, Christmas might be the last thing (or first thing) on your mind. Either way, Christmas is a time to appreciate the little things, connect with yourself, your loved ones and try to bring little pieces of joy and happiness to what is otherwise a cray time. While getting into the Christmas spirit can be rough, the one thing that will never fail to get us up and grooving are Christmas songs! If you want to get into the spirit yourself, here are 10 of the best Christmas songs to dance to!


1. Snowman – Sia

If you want to get into the holiday spirit through newer songs, I highly suggest Snowman by Sia, her 2017 Album `Every day is Christmas' is slowly becoming a modern classic with this song at the top of the list. For a slower more heartfelt vibe, grab your loved ones, a fur baby or even your favourite stuffed animal and enjoy a little dance with them to this beautiful song.😊😊

2. Underneath the Tree- Kelly Clarkson

A bop that will get you grooving and getting into the spirit in just 4 minutes! Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath the Tree will get you dancing and feeling all things Christmas in no time! Definitely a top contender for any Christmas Playlist!!

3. O Come, All Ye Faithful – Pentatonix (check out the whole album)

I will forever be saying that Pentatonix’s 2017 “A Pentatonix Christmas Deluxe” album is a must for every Christmas season! Besides the fact that they are one of the most talented acapella groups, their songs radiate the exact Christmas spirit that makes everything special. While I only listed one song here, I highly, highly encourage you to listen to the full album—Trust me it's 100% worth it!! You will be dancing to every song on the list and getting you in the perfect Christmas spirit!

4. Have yourself a Merry little Christmas – Sam Smith

We all know Sam Smith has one of the most gorgeous singing voices out there, so it comes to no surprise how lovely his rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is. This song radiates relaxation, love and little pieces of joy that will get you dancing in your living room with your favourite people!

5. Last Christmas - Ariana Grande

This cute classic sung by the lovely Ariana Grande will get you dancing (and maybe distracted) in your kitchen while baking Christmas cookies! You will also attempt to harmonize her riffs and I encourage you to do so! Whether you think you are a good singer or not, you are required to sing and dance when it comes to Ariana Grande and Christmas. Have your moment, I will hahah.

6. My Kind of Present – Meghan Trainer

This song was just released a couple weeks ago, and it will become a new classic for sure!! This song radiates cute dance sessions in your living room on Christmas morning with your family! In classic Meghan Trainer fashion, you will be bopping your head and singing along for the full song!

7. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

A classic, every Belieber knows and loves; it would not be Christmas without Justin Biebers timeless Christmas song Mistletoe. This nostalgic song will get you vibing along no matter what you are doing! Plus it will remind you to hang up some mistletoe for that special someone 😉😏!

8. I need you Christmas—the Jonas brothers

Another cute one, the Jonas Brothers’ I need you Christmas will get you feeling all loved up and cozy near your fireplace (or your TV with a fireplace video playing 😅) A rather slower song, you will find yourself swaying back and forth with your favourite people surrounding you!!

9. Somewhere at Christmas – Stevie Wonder

Now I don’t know about you, but it isn’t officially Christmas until I hear Stevie Wonder’s Somewhere at Christmas. This nostalgic classic always gets me in the perfect holiday spirit and I always find myself dancing and singing along! Light some candles, turn on your fireplace and enjoy this holiday classic! 🔥💜💜

10. All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carrey

Don’t think I would forget the Queen of Christmas herself!! I have left the icon Mariah Carrey’s Christmas classic the last on the list simply for the sole reason that this is the ultimate, number 1 song to get you grooving, jamming and officially get you in the Christmas spirit! The masterpiece (yes I said masterpiece) of a song will guarantee you dancing no matter what!

And there you have it friends, a playlist to get you jamming and dancing to some Christmas classics, new and old! STU Arts Dance wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and of course a safe and thriving New Year!


The STU Arts Dance Team



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