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Keeping up the Spirit of Christmas in 2020 Through Dance

Updated: May 16, 2021

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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmasss!! It’s Christmas time and honestly, it’s the best time of the year! Usually around now people are shopping for Christmas gifts, making plans to visit home and decorating their house. However, like the rest of 2020, things are not as they once were, and celebrating Christmas might look a little different this year. So how do we keep the spirit of Christmas throughout 2020? With a good old fashioned jam session! Want to learn more? Well, stick around for some Christmas cheer!

1. Decorate with a bomb Christmas playlist.

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with decorating your home. While decorating, put on your favourite holiday songs and guarantee you will start dancing half way through instantly putting you in the holiday spirit. The secret to keeping your spirits up with dancing is having the best playlist with all of your favourites, so each song makes you groove to the beat.

2.Get ready with some Christmas music

Getting ready for work? Even if you are working remotely starting your day off with a dance session will not only put you in a better mood, but will boost your energy levels and make you feel more energized in the morning for the rest of your day. So wake up and jam out to some Christmas classics while you’re getting ready for your day and you will have a merry time!

3.Holiday shop with your favourite tunes!

Need to get some holiday shopping done but a little bit overwhelmed? Why not listen to your favourite Christmas songs while doing so. Not only will you be focused on shopping, but you will also be motivated to keep shopping when you're listening to your favourites and classics! Also, while in the store you can have a little dance session as a nice little break from shopping!

Bonus points to those who go full out in the middle of a store! (always keeping your distance and keeping it safe for everyone else!)

4.Need a break from work? Dance it out

If work is bringing you down, or you need a break from looking at your laptop screen all day, set out some time to give yourself a break and dance! On December 13th, STU Arts Dance is hosting an Online Dance Festival which offers a day filled with dancing which will allow you to get into the spirit of dancing early, while also taking some much needed time for yourself! After our Online Dance festival you will feel motivated to dance more to your favourite holiday songs and keep that energy up for the rest of the holidays. Animals and other family members are always invited.

P.S. Want to learn more about our Online Dance Festival, stay tuned until the end for more information.

5.Bring your family closer with dancing

While Christmas is supposed to bring people together, now more than ever we need to keep our distance to ensure the safety of all our loved ones and friends! Although not the most ideal situation, we can always make the best of it and have a mini party through FaceTime, Zoom or FaceBook! All you need is an internet connection, a little holiday cheer and you can listen to some music and jam out together online. Keeping up the spirits and keeping everyone safe! If you are watching your favourite Christmas movies, when there is music on why not jam along the way. For example Netflix released a new Christmas movie called Jingle Jangle and there are many moments of opportunity to start jamming right away with the rest of the cast!

Though Christmas 2020 is going to be tough, keeping our spirits up is how we're going to get through these crazy times! Do something little everyday that will keep your spirit up throughout the holiday season; whether it’s baking cookies, dressing up your dog, or having a dance session in your living room to the classic hits, we all could use some time to adjust and make the best situation out of a bad one!

Happy holiday’s everyone and Happy dancing. :)

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