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How To Get Involved in Your Dance Community

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Heyo Heyoo!! Welcome back to all things dance related with STU Arts Dance. On today’s subject we’re talking about all things “dance communities” related. Now I know what you might be thinking, “dance communities? What are they and why are they so interesting?” Well, buckle up friends, as today I’m going to (try) and convince you why dance communities are fantastic ✌🏽 What's a dance community? Dance communities are a great way to not only stay connected to all things dance related, but also create some pretty cool friendships that can last a lifetime within your studio. While starting your dancing journey you might only want to attend classes, however, staying connected with your local dance community can offer some pretty amazing things along the way. Stick around to learn how to get involved with your dance community and all the perks that come with it!

1. Join Classes

Starting off with the obvious, join a class. Joining a dance class is the first step in gaining a pretty cool community to share all your dance related topics. Research studios around your area and learn what they have to offer; if you would like to learn more about the community, check out their testimonials or reviews (often on their website or google) to get a feel of their vibe. If it all checks out well with you, then go for it! When at a class, say hi to some new faces. That first step is always the hardest, but once you do it, there is no turning back and you are on your way to making new friends 😅.

2. Check out Their Social Media

If you are still hesitant on whether or not the community is for you, do a quick search of their social media pages. Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn are all great places to get a feel of their vibe and what they have to offer. Gaining an understanding of the studio through social media is great if you are hesitant to get involved. If you are still conflicted, reach out to them and ask more, I’m sure they would love to let you know more about them!

3. Stay active on private Facebook pages

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest with you so pay attention class; private Facebook pages are the absolute best to not only get involved but to actually see what their vibes are like. Most private Facebook pages offer events/workshops that might not be posted on their website or public social media pages because it's only for their own community. Some studios offer events like Karaoke night, Go Kart, Mini Put, or even a night or for drinks and dinner. You can also see how people interact on the page and get a feel of their humour, what events people suggest and more!

Ps. You should definitely check out our social media’s! 😁😁 We got some pretty cool stuff on there and you will learn more about what we have to offer outside of the studio! (all linked below for your convenience 😎👍🏽)

4. Tag your friends along

So let’s say that you have found a studio that you like, and you want to join the community but you are a little nervous, that’s okay, being nervous is completely normal and understandable if you don’t know anyone there. To make things a little easier, grab a friend along to both the class and the events later on! Not only will you feel safe and secure with the company of your friend, but you will be able to make memories with them and gain new ones along the way! Who knows, maybe you will see some familiar faces there too.

5. Have fun!

This one is a given, but an important one nonetheless. Having fun is the main aspect of joining a dance community, I mean you joined it for a reason, right?. Keep track of their events that are posted on their Social Media or websites to see what peaks your interests and RSVP if needed (for Covid safety of course). That way you know what you are getting into, and how to prepare for a great night out with new friends. So go out there and have fun! Enjoy your time with a new community to talk about all things dance, or just to enjoy your time.

Adult Dance School Brussels Belgium, English Speaking

That’s it folks! Joining a dance community is honestly one of the best ways to feel more connected to your studio and gain some pretty cool friendships along the way. You can also celebrate all your dance accomplishments with them (amazing!) If you are interested in seeing what STU Arts Dance’s vibes are like check out our social media links here, what classes we offer here, and how to get registered here!

See ya out there friends!!

The STU Arts Dance Team

Okay BYEEEE 😎🤙🏽


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