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How Dance Can Improve Your Health.

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dancing is a way of artistic expression. It allows you to break free and do whatever you want to. Whether you are creating a beautiful intricate dance in your living room to a dramatic song, or you are just simply dancing to your favourite pop song in the kitchen; dance allows you to be free and have fun no matter where you are. And maybe at the end of your personal dance concert in your kitchen you are feeling a little out of breath (okay maybe a lot) and now probably wondering why dancing is so tiring. Dancing is a great form of exercise, while also allowing you to have fun. But you may be questioning, how can dance improve your health? Here are 5 ways why dancing can improve your health.

1. Gets your body moving

Dance has a fantastic way of using and utilizing all parts of your body when you may not even notice you are using them. Dancing can go beyond shifting side to side to a song, it heavily relies on your core, legs and upper body. When moving to a song you are using all parts of your muscles. Over time not only will you be able to master certain moves for your next party session, but you will also be able to gain endurance, motor skills and build muscle that can actually last.

2. Improve balance and spatial awareness.

If you are sometimes unaware of your surroundings, whether you take up too much space or not enough space. If you bump into desks (corners are the absolute worst), or sometimes fall going up the stairs (I am aware I may be the only who does this). Nonetheless, dance is a great way to get comfortable knowing your surroundings and improving your balance. Going beyond the conventional same styles of grooving, dance can allow you to challenge yourself with certain moves to increase your spatial awareness and overall balance. Over time you will become a pro at certain dance moves and you can find yourself bumping into desks much less than before!

Bonus tip: If you practice the dance routine you learned in class at home, not only will you be able to master the moves, but you will also be able to be aware of your surroundings.

3. Increases flexibility and aerobic ability.

As mentioned earlier, dance has a way of allowing you to utilize many if not all parts of your body even you may not even be noticing. In addition to this, dance can overall improve your flexibility and aerobic ability. With constant practice you will be able to touch your toes, bend and not get instant back pain, and one day you may even be able to do your splits! Over time you will not feel as restricted in your body as you once might have felt. It will help you feel free to do what you want to do, while also not feel limited to your capability.

4. Improve conditions of lungs and heart.

It comes to no surprise that dancing can really take it out of you. By the end of your mini personal concert in your living room to your favourite song, you are probably passed out on the couch grasping for air (yes—I am speaking from personal experience). Jokes aside, dance can be an intensive avenue, but over time and with constant practice your lung capacity and heart condition will improve. Dance has a wonderful way of allowing you to have fun while allowing your body to improve physically. After a couple weeks of attending regular classes you will find yourself walking up those flights of stairs much easier, being able to walk longer distances, and overall not feeling as fatigued as before.

Bonus tip: feeling much healthier ties in with eating healthier, when coming home from dance class you are most likely hungry switch up that burger for some healthier alternatives, your body will thank you later so you can continue to dance better and better each time!

5. Better condition physically = better condition mentally.

While getting the exercise you want and having fun while doing so, you may not be realizing you are getting happier. Dance allows people to experience things they didn’t know they could. When dancing your body is creating exercise, and in doing so releases something called endorphins, endorphins are brain chemicals that promote satisfaction, happiness, high pain tolerance and euphoria. Additionally, Dancing releases more endorphins than the typical aerobic movement; it stimulates emotional release that other forms of exercise cannot simply offer. Dance also releases cortisol levels; also commonly referred to as stress hormones; linking the overall feelings of happiness and relaxation.

At the end of the day, if you want to move, have fun, but also know that you are getting healthier, dance is the way to go. Dance has so much more to offer than just busting out a move every once in a while; it allows you to be creative, let your inner artist out, enjoy the time you have creating art, all while being able to get physically healthier and happier. If you are interested in starting your dancing journey, be sure to do so with STUArts Dance. You can find more information on our website here for our everybody can dance classes.


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