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Everybody Can Dance Member Spotlight interview with Audrey.

Updated: May 16, 2021

Adult Dance Classes Brussels

Hey friends, welcome back to another ECD member showcase blog where we have interviewed one of our amazing members to help you discover why joining STU Arts Dance is the best thing you can do. We interviewed one of our dearest members Audrey and got the inside scoop on why she joined us and what she loves most about STU Arts dance. Stick around to the end to learn more about how to get registered! Without further ado, let’s get to know Audrey and her dancing journey :)

1. How has your experience been like since starting STU Arts Dance?

To start off, Audrey has been a STU Arts Dance member for “3 years. At the beginning I was an addict (the first year). I came to the beginner classes on a regular basis just to have an extra workout”, but overtime, she realized she also loved a good challenge. Her appreciation towards the Thursday Hip Hop class was a great way to not only dance it out with friends, but also challenged her enough to keep her engaged. Being able to challenge yourself is a great way to push yourself to do better, and for Audrey, “the hip hop classes were definitely a good step up, I enjoyed them a lot.” If you’re like Audrey and love dancing but want to learn more technique, I suggest you check out the Hip Hop class or the stepping workshops, not only will you be jamming to some pretty cool songs, but you are able to utilize your body in more challenging movements to help you grow as a dancer and/or help you connect with your body more!

PS. While some movements can be challenging, it is important to keep in mind that with practice comes understanding and eventually perfection. No one gets the moves right away, but once your brain connects to the movements you’ll be jamming like a pro in no time ☺

2. How has STU Arts impacted your dancing journey?

While joining dance classes can be scary at first, once you make that leap of faith, you can only grow and learn more from there! For Audrey, since joining STU Arts Dance she has seen how happy she has become. Stating that the “ECD classes in general allowed [me] to keep my spirits up, to discover or rediscover new artists.” Additionally the “stepping and the everybody can dance hip hop [classes] gave me better coordination and agility.” While there are so many benefits to joining us for a dance class, I can honestly say that Audrey brings brightness to each class, her funny comments and light hearted banter brings everyone’s spirits up and allows us to take a moment to enjoy where we are :) Being able to enjoy small moments is vital to each STU Arts Dance class, and while learning how to dance is key to each class, being able to enjoy ourselves, our friends and the music that surrounds us is an STU Arts speciality. And for Audrey, being able to dance a choreographed piece at the end of each class “is always rewarding”!

3. Joining dance classes can be scary? What’s one thing about STU Arts Dance that can help you overcome that fear?

As I mentioned before, joining anything whether they are swimming lessons or dance classes can be scary; but once you go for it, it can become one of the most rewarding adventures. Audrey mentions “it’s hard not to be happy when you are dancing (preach!). And it turns out, you’re getting a pretty intense workout, too. If you want to improve your mood, your stress level, your self-esteem. If you are looking for an activity pretty adaptable to fit your needs, [or] if you’re looking for an opportunity to socialize, ECD is for you.” You meet amazing people here and classes are full of energy and fun making it a great way to get fit and not feel like you’re working out (talk about and added bonus)!

PS. If you are new to Brussels, ECD is a great way to meet some really cool people. STU Arts Dance is filled with people from all over the world, and you may even meet some new friends from your home country, too!! In the wise words of Audrey, “it is a great way to have a sense of belonging, very quickly”.

4. What have you gained since joining the STU Arts Dance community?

For Audrey, the STU Arts Dance community offered a “real general boost. The hip Hop and stepping classes were my favourite, sometimes more challenging than others… and always a pleasure”. Having that general boost can really do wonders for relieving your stress and anxiety, and can help you find a sense of balance in your life. For example, this can be a separation from your personal and professional life. For Audrey this was the case for the long-run. She states that “getting to know new people and socialize was really enjoyable, because of the frequency of it. It was not a one shot thing; but a weekly/monthly thing, and that makes it really valuable”. For her, both the short-term and long-term impacts since joining the STU Arts Dance community have been rewarding.

5. What are your class recommendations for a new STU Arts Dancer?

“For a beginner, I would recommend the << ECD like musical artist>> series” where you can learn to dance like a famous artist such as Katy Perry or Beyonce. Audrey suggests that if you “find it difficult, [you can] go to the ECD Parties class” where you can learn basic movements to familiarize yourself with music, counting and getting comfortable with your body. If you are a person who has “already taken dance classes and want to challenge [yourself]; the ECD Hip Hop classes and stepping workshops” might be best for you. At STU Arts Dance we have a wide range for you to learn how to dance at your comfort level.

Starting any new adventure can bring many rewards, If you are interested in dancing just for fun or want to challenge yourself through your dancing journey, our ECD member Audrey lets us know that you have options and everything to gain along the way. You will gain a new set of skills, gain a community, and have fun while doing so. And with spring in full swing, what better way to start your journey than with us here at STU Arts Dance. To learn more, check out our classes here to get started and enjoy your journey with STU Arts Dance.

A special thanks to Audrey for participating in our Member Spotlight Interview!

See you soon :)

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