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5 Reasons Everyone Can Dance

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

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As avid dancers, we believe that Everyone Can Dance.... Everyone. Your mom, your aunt, your carpenter, the IT guy in the office downstairs, and the servers at your local cafe, oh and um, you. Yes, you. You, the same person who just clicked on the link to this blog out of curiousity about our reasoning if it's actually possible. Can the barista that made your delicious double espresso actually dance? And could you actually dance with him/her?

The answer, all the time, is..... yes.


1. You move on a daily basis- 

If you can walk to work, jog to catch the metro, or pick up a bag when you leave your home, you already know the basics to move your body. Now just add music and you got it!

2.  You already feel a connection to music-

When you hear music you often tap your foot or nod your head to the music. This is just the beginning! From there you can expand your creativity and potential in movement.

3. You have a body to move-

The starting pointing is having physical body parts to move: arms, legs, head, hands, etc. And each part has its own degree of ability to create movement that is unique and authentic to who we are and our own groove. When we explore our bodies' abilities, we can uncover new things about ourselves– what we can do (glass half full)– and use them to dive into the possibilities of dance/movement.

4. Everyone is doing it-

You've been out at parties, and work/family events and you see everyone moving their bodies, meaning there is a whole world out there that likes to groove.

5. Mind over Matter-

Your mind has already told you that you can dance! That's just half the battle. If you believe you can, then it will happen throughout your body.

Dancing is sincerely mind over matter friends. It's a matter of believing in yourself. You must first ask yourself if you want to or not. If no, ask yourself why you believe in what you believe in then ask yourself again. If yes, congrats your are half way there!

Now, how will you move more? Check out local dance schools? Start grooving in the shower? Youtube some dance videos? You have a gift that you didn't even know you had and it's ready to show itself to the world. How will you start to dive into the world of movement and enjoy this amazing gift we have all been born with?

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