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What to expect when you join STU Arts Dance.

Updated: May 16, 2021

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Hi hi! Welcome to STU Arts Dance! If you are new around here welcome, and if you’re not new around here welcome back. Now if you clicked onto this blog you are wondering the obvious, what am I supposed to expect when I joined STU Arts Dance? Valid question, and if you would like to know what we do inside and outside of the studio keep reading!

If you have been a community member for long, just joined, or are still looking into joining us you may not know that STU Arts is not like any other dance organization. To those who are new to STU Arts Dance, we offer classes for beginner dancers. We strongly believe that everyone has the ability to dance, learn, and develop their confidence through their own dancing journey. We know that each person’s journey is different and can be quite overwhelming, however, through constant practice, consistency as well as a good and supportive community encouraging you and discovering and believing wholeheartedly that Everyone Can Dance.

When I came to my first ECD Hip Hop class, I was quite nervous, unsure of what to expect and how the class will go; but I can guarantee that once you finish one class you definitely need more (just like potato chips, you can’t have just one haha). The energy I received from that one class was filled with confidence, lots of giggles, interesting motivational references, and everyone enjoying their time. Briana’s energy seeps inside of you very quickly and before you know it that little voice inside your head starts telling you “’yes I can’, ‘this is fun’, and ‘hey I can dance!’” over and over again. Though you may not know anyone when you first start classes, the feeling of all being in the same boat connects us beyond words. With the little ad-libs brought to you by Briana and comments made by some other dancers you will feel right at home dancing and having fun.

While there is so much to enjoy inside of the studio, there is so much we do outside as well. STU Arts Dance prides itself on being more than just offering dance classes. We are a community, a little family if you will. After every class on Sunday’s we go to brunch where we chat, catch up on our lives and sometimes make other plans (karaoke is always a topic of conversation!) if I’m being completely honest, I believe that what makes STU Arts so special is the little community that you make along the way. You have that little family that takes you away from all of your stresses from work, finding a job, or even your studies. It allows you to breathe, take a moment to enjoy now, while also constantly learning and growing. We all know how stressful our lives can be and to be able to take a couple hours away from that will do us good! Not only do we brunch, but we also plan some ECD events. In the past we went axe throwing (yes you read that correctly), karaoke (I told you it was always a topic of conversation), and sometimes we would plan to go out for dinner. Amongst these events we also sometimes go for drinks. Though we do a lot together, the company is what makes it wonderful!

Though STU Arts offers amazing dance classes that cater to you and what you would like to learn, we go beyond the four walls of a dance studio. To be able to have a community that cheers you along with you on your journey makes it all the more worthwhile. The memories that you make in the studio transcend with what you do outside. It addition to all the class jokes and giggles, our ECD community allows us to continue our jokes and fun for a lot longer than a couple hours a week.

Come join all the fun in our Everybody Can Dance classes on Thursdays and Sunday’s guaranteed to allow you to have a good time! to learn more information check it out here, and we can’t wait for you to join our Everybody Can Dance community!

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