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What is Everybody Can Dance like...Special Guest?

Updated: May 16, 2021

Dance School Brussels

Heyo!! Now you are obviously wondering the obvious; what in the heck is everybody can dance like… Special Guest? Who is this special guest? Why is it a surprise? Is someone going to pop up randomly and yell surprise!! There is probably way more but that’s all I can think of right now. But worry not! I am here to help answer all your questions about this class! So without any further distractions (aka the current cookies I’m devouring at the moment), LETS GO!

1. Special Guest??

Okay, probably the main reason why you clicked on this blog is the need for an answer in regards to this whole Special Guest debacle. The class centres around a certain artist for that specific class and thus, the class is designed around them. Our themed classes range from Everyone Can Dance Ballet & Hip Hop to Everyone Can Dance like Beyonce or Michael Jackson and focus on exploring movement in a fun and engaging way through well-known dance styles and performers. For example, the special guest would be Beyoncé and all the songs that are going to be played in the class are songs made by Queen Bey herself. Instigated in embodying the artist throughout the whole class, the songs centre around some of the most famous, and classic songs done by the artist (not only there to help you enjoy your dancing, but also slightly there to allow you to sing along and not feel ashamed in doing so. Embrace the songs!)

2. What exactly do we do

Like mentioned before the class is designed around one specific artist, and with that in mind, the dance moves emulate it as well! Keeping with the Beyoncé example, throughout the class we embody some iconic dance moves into our movement and move like how Beyoncé would on one of her tours! Like any other dance class, we start off with some isolations, warm up and stretching to make sure we are ready to dance. After that we do something called across the floor; where we essentially do some dance moves starting from one side of the room and work our way across to the other, they are for all levels that gets you confident and full of expression in your own body while connecting with others. Once all of that is fun and done, we move on to the best part (yes I am biased, but you will be too after you take the class) the COMBO whoop whoop!!

3. The Combo.

For what last about 20-30 seconds, the combo consist of obviously a song by the artist, but also some moves that they are well known for, or are very similar to the style of the artist. Like all of our other classes, we go over each move carefully so you can get the hang of it. And I know what you are thinking—if we are dancing like the artists, wouldn’t it be too hard? I’m going to be straight up, no it's actually not! A lot of the moves are very simple (yet still look very cool) and when you embody the artist, in this case Beyoncé (you cannot convince me no one can’t dance like Beyoncé, Beyoncé is an entity in which everyone possesses) all the moves will come naturally to you! With constant practise with and without music, you will get the combo down pact and you will be able to show off your new moves to your friends and family!😎

4. What am I supposed to expect when I go?

A complete jam session. A collective group of people learning and vibing to one of their favourite artists with a mix of impromptu singing which is always welcome if you ask me (and trust me when I say if I’m sing people go deaf, but that doesn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you either ahah!) The class is made to allow you to get comfortable with your body and learn how to move! Now if you’re like me (and I’m praying I’m not the only one who does this, because if i am this is embarrassing...), you jam out to some of your favourite songs by that one artist you love in your bedroom. Picture that, but with a whole bunch of people who also love this artist as much as you! (talk about win-win, LETS GO!) Long story short you should take the class, you will not regret it if you absolutely love this artist and a little bonus, it’s a great way to get in some exercise as well!

If you want to learn how to jam like your favourite singer/ artist, come to this class! At the end of the day it’s made to be a fun way to enjoy your dance class and listen to some of your favourite songs along the way!  So come join us! If you are interested in trying out this class, I highly recommend you check out our website for more information on registration. You can click the link here and learn some more! Can’t wait to see you all out there jamming together!

Thanks for reading, have a great day—KK BYE!! :D

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