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What is Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop.

Updated: May 16, 2021

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STU Arts Dance is proud to offer weekly classes in Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop. If you have stumbled across this blog you probably have a plethora of questions running through your head right now such as; what is Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop?, Can everybody dance? Is it possible to not look weird when dancing? Should I be concerned about popping a hip? All valid questions (but please don’t dance too hard that you end up popping a hip, that would be highly unfortunate). Everyone Can Dance is a program which is geared towards Adult Absolute beginners who are seeking to learn different dance styles, stepping outside their comfort zones, and improving their coordination, fitness, and overall having fun! If you are wondering what to expect from the class prior to coming you have come to the right place. Here is a brief (yet eventful) explanation of what Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop class looks like.

1. To start off; It’s a beginner class.

Learning to dance can be intimidating enough, and especially in a style that you are not used to. Like the title insinuates, the moral of the class is that everyone can dance. It is a class that includes everyone’s strengths and challenges you to push yourself to in a way you might not have thought you could. Everyone is in the same boat and we are all here to have fun and enjoy getting some exercise along the way. Trust me when I say that we have a lot more laughs than mishaps in the class!

2. What do we do?

Now you are probably wondering what exactly do we do in the class? To start off, we usually do a simple warm up with isolations of the head and arms, we then move to full body warm up and some abs (it’s not as bad as it sounds trust me) then we finish off with some stretching to make sure we are all warm and ready to move. After that comes the fun part: our combo! The combo usually lasts about 20-30 seconds long to a piece of music. We jam out, we vibe, we groove and we do all of that over and over again (along with some giggles and weird noises to get the movements into your head). If you are worried about not getting the right moves right away don’t worry, we go over the combo multiple times so you can get the hang of it. Also, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, most likely someone else has the same question in mind (plus it doesn’t hurt to go over a couple more times). While learning the combo we go over slowly little by little both with and without music until you get the full combo down. By the end of the class you would have perfected the dance and you are ready to practice at home or show your friends at the next hang out session!

3. What is hip hop?

Hip Hop is a great way to get the hang of dancing when you are first starting out. With a mix of an affluent amount of American and Latino culture, Hip Hop was founded in the 1960’s and has since dominated the streets of New York, other parts of America, and now the world. Hip Hop created a culture that intertwines music and dance through various forms of performances and has become a staple in the entertainment industry. Hip Hop is a fun way to be creative and express yourself through music and creative movement (it can also substitute as a good workout if you are looking to get fit but not feel like you are dying in the process haha). Hip Hop offers many benefits such as boosting your confidence, musicality, and coordination; this dance style is a perfect start due to its versatile moves and acts as a catalyst to introduce specific body movements and isolations.

4. The overall vibe of the class

If you are looking into understanding more the vibe the class holds, think of a chill groove but it also has some sharp movements here and there to emphasize certain moves all while matching the style of the song. The class emphasizes a connection with the piece of music being used that day; if it is a slower song, the moves would most likely be groovier and allows a flow between one move and the other, if the beat of the song is a bit rougher (such as sharp beats or a strong hook) the movements will compliment it with some sharper isolations. Hip Hop has a wonderful way of marrying the movements of the choreography and the different hooks of the song to create something cool. By the end of the class you should feel like you are moving with the music more and somehow your body and the song become one.  

At the heart of it, the Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop class allows you to express yourself through music and movement all while jamming out and grooving to some pretty sick songs. We believe that EVERYONE can enjoy movement as a means of expression, connecting and increased self-confidence.The versatile style allows you to try different moves and discover new parts of your body you may not have known you could use. The class is a great start into starting your dancing journey if you are interested in vibing and connecting with a piece of music.

Come join us! To find out more information about registration, be sure to check out our website here! Can’t wait to see you out there!!

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