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5 Reasons why you should join our hip hop Series.

Updated: May 16, 2021

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Heyo! As you may have heard, STU Arts Dance is hosting an Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop choreography series all October long! If you are like me, you are wondering “what’s the difference between the regular Thursday hip hop class and this one?” While on the surface it may look the same, the hip hop series has some differences. To learn more about the actual series and what to expect, keep on reading!

To start off, the Hip Hop series is a complete 4 week series held on Sunday’s in the month of October with class lasing for 1 and a half hours long. You will be learning choreography to a full song in the span of 4 weeks in which you can show off to your friends and family! Like the Thursday hip hop classes, we will be having a short warm up and stretch session prior to beginning the choreography so you’re warmed up and ready to go! Now onto why you should come!

1. One-on-one practice

If you are looking to improve your dance skills whether that be in hip hop specifically or in dance generally, the hip hop series will allow you to not only focus more on specific moves, but allow you to get more one-on-one feedback from the instructor. In essence you will be allowed to learn and practice more on a specific move and master much better than you would in the Thursday hip hop classes. You also have the opportunity to ask more questions and learn on how to improve your personal goals with dance!

2. Held on weekends

Raise your hand if you love weekends!! In my personal opinion, I think that one great benefit with this series is that it’s held on a Sunday! We all know how tiring working all day and how tired we are after work, only wanting to eat and nap (or is that just me?) In leu of this, the STU Arts Dance took this into consideration and is hosting it on a weekend so you are well rested, don’t have to worry about work and come have some fun!

3. Self-improvement

Like mentioned above, the choreography series is here to help you improve your skills. Not only will you be able to hone in on specific moves to learn them faster, but truly master each and every move you perform Once you master these moves you are able work on other moves and therefore improve other moves. It is with this self-improvement that you are able to become a better dancer in the long run. Plus when you come to the Thursday hip hop class and there is a similar move, you will be able to perform it with ease.

4. Builds confidence and coordination

STU Arts strongly believes in building one’s confidence and coordination. Like the Thursday hip hop class we aim to embody confidence through our combo’s, however the hip hop series will allow you to focus more on building confidence within specific moves. Because the class is 1 and a half hours long, you have the opportunity to perfect your coordination overall. Being able to focus on coordination will then grow your confidence and allow you to experience another level of fun while dancing.

5. Discovering a new you.

Starting the series can be really scary, learning a choreography to a full song can be challenging, however over time you will discover things in yourself that you may have not known you had. In the beginning you may feel like you won’t be able to get that one specific move down, but with constant practice, one-on-one help and a new found confidence you will see that you are capable of learning anything! The things you will learn throughout this series will transcend beyond the dance studio and will work its way into other aspects of your life such as work. For example, you may learn that breaking down each section and learning everything one by one will help you adjust to bigger tasks, you can take that new skill into your workplace and perform better there! There is so much to learn within this series that is not just dance related and by the end of the month you will not only feel proud of finishing something, but also gain new skills and experiences.

STU Arts dance is a place of learning and growing, and the choreography series is definitely the place to do so. By the end of each class you will feel accomplished learning each section and by the end of the series you will feel not only accomplished in learning a full dance, but also feel accomplished in perfecting moves and learning about yourself along the way. If you would like to learn more about how to register for the Everybody Can Dance Hip Hop choreography series you can check it out here, and we can’t wait to see you all very soon jamming gout with us!

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