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5 Reasons Why Dance Changes You.

Updated: May 16, 2021

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Dance has a way of bringing everyone together. It allows you to connect with people you may not know personally, it can make you feel empowered, fierce, vulnerable, happy and so many more emotions. Dance has a way of telling a story without any words, just movement and music. The amazing thing about dance is that everyone can do it. Whether a professional or not, everyone can enjoy dancing. Why does dance connect to everyone and change you?

1. It makes you feel more empowered.

Everyone knows that music and dance can make you feel happier. Dance doesn’t need to have restrictions and rules, you can blast a song and let loose almost literally anywhere (ps. If you do dance anywhere people can and probably will look at you weirdly, but who cares, dance it out!). With that being said, you can do any moves and just have fun with it. You can put on a silly song that you haven’t listened to in 10 years remember all the words and just dance! (lady gaga pun intended) Dance has the ability to make you feel instantly happier.

2. You appreciate the arts more.

Dance can be a great gateway to other forms of art and expression. Dance is created to both show others different forms of beauty and fun, but it also allows you to appreciate art in a different light. With that being said, it allows you to see the hard work and beauty that other artists put in their work with their forms of expressions. Expressing oneself is in so many ways, and dance can open your eyes to those different outlets.

3. You can express how you feel without using words.

Dance can be a scapegoat to say what you actually want to say without words. It broadens your horizon to a whole new world of self-expression through movement. When you are feeling frustrated or hurt, dance can be a great way to get all of those feelings out, whether it is a dramatic dance with lots of contemporary moves, or trying to make yourself feel better by dancing to a happier song. Whatever type of emotion you want to express, dance allows you to fully encompass that without the restriction of words.

4. Introduces you to a whole new community.

Dance is not only a great way to get into shape, or having fun, it also allows you to enjoy the community as a whole. You meet new people, get new perspectives and can give you somewhat of a second family. It’s a community that not only you can dance with or have fun, but it can help you get through some of the toughest times, help celebrate your happiest moments and create amazing memories together.

5. It feeds your soul.

Dance and any mode of expression through movement can instill something in you that you may not have even known you had. Dance allows you to freely express, create, and enjoy things you may not have had in other areas of your life. It can introduce you to other things or helps you fall back in love with why you loved dancing in the first place. Maybe dance was the one thing that made you happy after a long hard day at work. It allows you to enjoy the little things again like dancing in the morning while making breakfast.


It’s hard to put into words what dance can actually do for you on a personal level, but dance is something that can be enjoyed by everyone at any age, or any level. It can help you become more of a creative person or instil a form of imagination you once had as a child. It can cultivate happiness and laughter by being silly when you dance or telling a story through expression. If you are interested in starting your dance journey, or would just like to express yourself through dance, be sure to check out our website here to get started.

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