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5 Benefits of Group Dance Classes

Updated: May 16, 2021

Adult Group Dance Classes Brussels Dance School

Going to a dance class is always a great time! You get to take some time during your busy schedule to relieve yourself from the stress of work, school, or life in general, you get a nice workout out of it, and most importantly, you’re enjoying your time jamming out to your favorite songs! However, going to dance class alone can be scary—the thought of not knowing anyone you are dancing with prior to the class can be daunting. Thoughts of you not knowing anyone may creep in and keep you from going to a dance class, or maybe you feel like you are not the best dancer and you don’t want to be out of place during class. All of these are valid reasons as to why you might feel intimidated by going to a group dance class, nonetheless, group dance classes can be some of the best classes out there! If you are interested in looking into going to a group dance class, look no further; here are 5 benefits of talking group dance classes.

1. You can go with friends

Going to a group dance class alone and not knowing anyone prior to your first class can actually be really scary. You don’t know whether or not you will get the moves right away, or you don’t know if you will make friends right away. The best way to start going to a group dance class is by going with your own group! Going to dance class with your friends is a great way to take that first leap without making it feel like a giant jump. You have the support of your friends, they help relieve you of some anxiety you have, and the best part—you get to enjoy the class all together. Hey, even if you feel like you were horrible throughout the class—at least you got some good laughs and new memories with some of your best friends!

Bonus tip: If you go every week together with your friends the fear of going alone can decrease over time!

2. Team/trust building

Dance is a great way of building trust with yourself and others. If you trust yourself enough to be able to do a certain move, or relatively difficult jump, you will be able to reciprocate that trust to others later on. Picture this, your dance teacher is telling you to partner up, and in the routine you have to do a certain move that requires you to trust your partner, now you are working as a team to make sure you are both comfortable with the dance move as well trusting each other with the outcome. When you have perfected that move, you and your partner have now successfully worked together as a team and your trust for one another brought you a little closer!

3. You can make friends/ Step Up Your Social Game.

Dance class is not only a great way to go and have some fun jamming out to your favorite Backstreet Boys song (always a great excuse for anything—not just dancing if I’m being completely honest), dance class allows you to make friends with those around you and are most likely in the same position as you. Going back to the scenario mentioned above, working as a team with your partner[s] is a great way to connect with them even more! Talking to them, getting to know what certain dance moves they like or why they got into dancing in the first place is a great conversation starter and a new opportunity for you and them to make some friends!

4. New memories

Dance class- and dancing always delivers some high energy! You’re jumping around, moving your arms, laughing and smiling so much your cheeks start to hurt! In between those times you are also making memories with your fellow classmates and your teacher. Picture this, you are trying to perfect a move and the only way you can remember doing it is by calling it a weird name (like the “chicken dinner”, or “Captain America” move, literally anything!) but now you are laughing and you tell those around you and it became the signature move in the dance. Fast forward to when you are doing the full routine with music, and you hear your teacher yell out “CAPTAIN AMERICA” and the whole class bursts out laughing while dancing! The memories of the things that happen during the class will stick with you after the class and connect you with your classmates and teacher even more! It also makes for a great story time later.

5. Community Building

The dance community is a welcoming community. No matter what level you are at, how old you are, or what style of dance you are interested in, it is inevitable that the dance community brings people together. It allows everyone to connect with one another, trust one another, and be creative with one another. Whether you are interested in the dancing aspect, choreographic route or just wanting to express your form of creativity and art through movement; group dance class allows you to connect with others and feed off their energy to create something beautiful and profound—even if it is just for one hour a week.


At the end of the day, dance class—and more specifically group dance class allows you explore many other things than just dancing. It allows you to be free, have fun with those around you as well as yourself, and introduces you to a new community and family. Taking that first leap of attending a group dance class is always daunting but immensely rewarding when you get to experience it. If you are interested in starting your dancing journey be sure to do so with the STUArts Dance community. If you would like further information be sure to check out the classes we offer here. We hope to see you out there in our next dance class!

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