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3 ways to use Dance for Wellness

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Dance is a way to utilize the mind, body and soul to maximize experiences, help reduce stress, promote happiness, and boost one's social relationships. While incorporating various styles of dance such as ballet, contemporary, salsa, afrobeat, stepping and so much more. Dance for wellness can create connections, increase confidence and creativity while also challenging the way in which we think and take care of our bodies. If you are interested in how all of this works, and how you can incorporate dance for wellness in your everyday life, here are 3 ways to use dance for wellness.

1. Dance used to energize,

Everyday life can be overwhelming, if you are working full-time, a full time-student, freelancer or just in general have a pretty hectic life, your lifestyle (as much as you love it) can drain your energy before you know it. Dance for wellness applies dance throughout high energy movement classes  to utilize many forms of interactions to engage building positive energy, balancing a workday, boosting your energy through electrifying dance styles such as hip hop and stepping. By the time you are done you will feel as if your body cannot move, and you may be out of breath but over time you will start to see your body enduring more than before. You will be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, be more creative in your work, or studies, and feel overall happier.

2. Dance for relaxation

As mentioned before, you may be overwhelmed with everything going on in your life, whether you feel like you have too many projects at work, exams to cram for, or an important interview coming up, you may feel anxious and need to take your mind and body off of it. Dance for wellness, through more softer forms of movement such as ballet, contemporary, lyrical offer the opportunity to slow down and be more mindful of your body and mind. While doing this, you will eventually see an increase in your self-confidence, strengthening your balance (whether it’s more abstract for instance between your work and home life, or physical balance with your body) finding some inner peace with your everyday life and focusing on your mind, mental health and the relationship you have with yourself. Mental wellness is just as important as physical and dance for wellness increases one's mental health through movement.

3. Dance to connect

Maybe you want to get into dance to be able to create friendships and memories, and that is completely valid. Dance has a way of connecting people that is not limited by any form of barriers such as language, culture, emotional and even gender. Dancing to connect amongst a group or in pairs creates a stronger group presence and forms connections through releasing judgement of yourself and others, creating a welcoming atmosphere, boosting creativity and improving collaboration. Dance does not discriminate and will always welcome you, to help challenge you, comfort you, and help you grow.

At the heart of it, dance for wellness is made to help you in various forms of self-improvement through movement and music. It has a powerful effect on our well-being to help reduce stress, gain confidence, and build a relationship with ourselves and others. At STU Arts we believe that dance for wellness captures the needs of you as an individual to help improve wellness (physically, socially, and mentally) through the utilization of dance. If you are interested in getting started in your Dance For Wellness journey, be sure to check out what STUArts Dance has to offer here.

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